Many months ago, as I often do, I was talking to my friend Fiver about this blog. I was saying it was time for a new header image, and Fiver said she wanted to create something using linoprints. I said that sounded great. That’s how “2Summers in Motion” was born.

2Summers in motion banner2Summers in Motion.

I didn’t give Fiver any direction at all — I just asked her to make something and this is what she made. She’s talented like that. Each of the images portrays a different mode of transportation I’ve used in or around Joburg. The patterns in the background are inspired by South African shweshwe fabric.

Fiver making linoprintFiver making one of the prints for the 2Summers in Motion series. You can see more pictures of Fiver working in this post about my business cards, which incorporate the same images.

Once Fiver started making these prints, she realized she wanted to do a lot more with them than just make a blog header. She started printing the images on different kinds of paper, with different kinds of paint, with different patterns all around them. Her customers, including me, started buying the prints.

Fiver double decker bus print2Summers in Motion print. (Photos courtesy of Fiver Löcker)

Airplane 2Summers in Motion printAnother one.

Car 2Summers in Motion printAnd another. I love that my own little four-wheeled friend is part of the series. This car, named for my dear friend Henrike, is very special to me.

If you live in Joburg and are interested in buying a 2Summers in Motion print (or three), you can visit Fiver at her beautiful studio on GwiGwi Mrwebi Street in Newtown. Contact her at to arrange a time. You can also purchase the prints at Mwanawasa Art Gallery at 27 Boxes in Melville. See more of Fiver’s work on Instagram.

If you live elsewhere, you can buy Fiver’s work on this website.

Heather with 2Summers in Motion printsI bought these. (Photo by Fiver Löcker)

I’m really excited about this new design. It feels like the right time for a 2Summers rebirth. I hope you all like it too. I’ve got some more exciting projects in the works — the 2Summers wheels are in motion, so to speak — so wait for it.

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