10 Places to Visit in Melville’s 27 Boxes

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27 Boxes is a retail center made out of shipping containers on 4th Avenue in Melville.

Outside 27 BoxesThe beautiful new children’s play area outside 27 Boxes.

I recently wrote a story about 27 Boxes for the Different, which goes into the interesting history of the center and of Faan Smit Park, the Joburg City park that used to be where 27 Boxes is now. So I won’t go into that in this post.

I just want to tell you that 27 Boxes has become one of the best places to hang out in Melville. The center didn’t get off to a great start when it opened in 2015; lots of the shops sat empty and Melville residents grumbled that the whole place was an eyesore and would soon go under and close.

But new management took over 27 Boxes last year and started fixing everything up. New shop tenants have moved in, and the outside of the center was completely overhauled. It looks fantastic.

I go to 27 Boxes all the time and I think everyone else should too. If you want an idea of what to do there, here are 10 of my top recommendations.

Ten Great Places in 27 Boxes

1) Krag Drag

Krag Drag is a popular clothing line: You might have seen Krag Drag’s distinctive, South-African-themed t-shirts and baby clothes for sale in the Sowearto and Big Blue retail chains, but the only actual Krag Drag shop is in 27 Boxes. This shop has become my favorite place in town to buy gifts — especially for my family back in America but also for my South African friends.

Krag Drag 27 BoxesKrag Drag.

Krag Drag has a huge selection of quirky t-shirts, baby clothes, home decor, and accessories, all made with local materials and with specific South African or Joburgian themes. I never walk out of there empty-handed.

2) The Countess

The Countess is 27 Boxes’ flagship restaurant — one of the few places in the center (along with Krag Drag) that’s been there from the beginning. The Countess has a steampunk vibe, with a cavernous, cathedral-style interior. I would describe the menu as upscale pub grub, with great burgers and a wide selection of craft beer. I love sitting in the loft area on the top floor, which has a great view of the Melville Koppies.

Inside the CountessInside the Countess.

3) Mwanawasa Art

I met Mwanawasa Mawelela a few months ago on a Saturday morning on Melville’s 7th Street. He was selling five-minute sketches to passersby. Now Mwanawasa has his own art gallery in 27 Boxes, and he recently put on an exhibition of my friend Fiver’s series of “Super Women” prints.

Super Women exhibition Mwanawasa ArtTwo men ponder Fiver’s Super Women. That’s Mwanawasa on the left.

Mwanawasa Art galleryA look inside the gallery.

Fiver’s exhibition came down recently, but you can still buy these prints from Mwanawasa and he has all kinds of other interesting artwork (including his own) for sale.

4) The Baker Brothers

The Baker Brothers, a small bakery just outside the Countess, sells the best bread in Melville. I love their ciabatta, their cheesy breadsticks, and everything else I’ve ever bought there. I also love the Baker Brothers themselves.

Sam of the Baker Brothers
Sam, one of the Baker Brothers, tosses some cheesy ciabatta into a bag for me.

I love supporting small businesses like this, especially when the product sold is truly superior to anything else available. If you go to 27 Boxes and leave with only one thing, this bread should be it.

5) Reserved Café

I already blogged about Reserved recently in my Restaurant of the Month series. This restaurant keeps getting better and it’s in the midst of expanding and adding a separate bar area.

Pouring gazpachoMy lunch at Reserved a few months back. 

6) Micogram Music Traders

I don’t collect vinyl, but Micogram Music Traders makes me want to. I don’t have a record-player but I love reliving my youth by browsing through the music in this shop.

Microgram in 27 BoxesRows of records at Microgram.

Micogram Music Traders occupies a double-story corner spot on the upper floor of 27 Boxes. When you go in, be sure to go upstairs to check out the view.

7) No Name Nursery

This nursery, which is at the top of the 27 Boxes property next to the park, is brand-new and I haven’t actually shopped there yet. But it is so pretty and blends in seamlessly with the landscaping around the center.

No Name Nursery at 27 BoxesThe No Name Nursery.

There is a little playground right in the middle of the nursery, with old-school swings that look out over the Koppies.

8) The Table

UPDATE: As of 2019, the Table is closed.

Recently opened by the same people who own the Countess, the Table is an unusual buffet restaurant serving incredibly elaborate breakfasts and lunches made with local and sustainable ingredients. The Table offers quite a few vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Breakfast at the Table in 27 BoxesA crazy selection of egg dishes and other breakfast delicacies from the Table.

The Table has a great indoor-outdoor setup, with a patio opening out onto the amphitheater and children’s play area.

9) Book Circle Capital

Another new addition to 27 Boxes, Book Circle Capital is an independently owned bookshop offering mostly South African and African literature, including the African diaspora.

Book Circle Capital in 27 BoxesShopping with Fiver at Book Circle Capital.

The last time I visited the shop there was a coffee bar in progress at the back, and a nice seating area for reading or relaxing with friends.

10) The 27 Boxes Park

There is a beautiful public park at the top of 27 Boxes, on the 3rd Avenue side. The plans for this center were approved with the caveat that a significant portion of the property be maintained as public park space, and the developers have come through on that commitment.

people walking in 27 Boxes parkStudents walk through the 27 Boxes park.

This park is beautifully landscaped with indigenous plants and is a perfect place to sit on a bench in the sun and contemplate the universe. I speak from experience on this.

Sitting in 27 Boxes parkContemplating the universe with a cell phone, an energy drink, and a cigarette.

I had trouble narrowing this post down to ten places. Honorable mention goes to XO Cronuts.

Get yourself to 27 Boxes and find your own favorites.


  1. Brenda Reiss

    Einah! I almost screeched when I spotted the Baker Brothers wall decoration. It’s funny how such a simple thing can carry you back over the years and the miles. Back in my South African childhood those enamel basins were used all the time for everything….washing people, scrubbing clothes, making food, collecting eggs. Thanks Heather!

    • 2summers

      I also love those enamel dishes. They seem to have become very popular decorations here lately.

  2. dizzylexa

    I wish lived closer to the Baker Brothers – that bread is the best.

    • 2summers

      It really is.

  3. Lani

    Containers were becoming popular when we left Cambodia. Container restaurants and hotels and I know of another boutique hotel in Bangkok. Malls seem like a good idea, even better, and 27 looks great!

    • 2summers

      Yeah I think it’s a really cool idea. There’s a new container apartment building in Joburg too but I haven’t been inside yet.

  4. Di Brown

    27 boxes looks great. I really need to plan a Joburg holiday Heather cos you keep writing about awesome places I need to experience . Great post and pics as always. 🙂

    • 2summers

      Pleeeeeeaaaaaase come <3

  5. autumnashbough

    How fantastic that they stipulated the park must be maintained. Green spaces are so important.

    • 2summers

      Yes! It’s a real success story.

  6. Kgomotso Taelo Simango

    The Fashion lounge with Tile and Masango is opening doors on the 4th September 2021 please support local businesses during these COVID-19 times. See you there

  7. Faiezah Badat

    Are there any other areas that have this concept on Johannesburg



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