From the Melville Cat: A Kitten in My Castle

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Dear readers,

A kitten has invaded my home.

Please help.

The Melville Cat

Trixie the kittenYes, I’m sure you find her charming. But I assure you, this kitten is a terrible menace.

Several days ago, Heather came into my house with a large crate. I peered between the bars and hissed with disdain: Inside were several piles of squirmy, dun-colored fluff.

Four young felines? Five? I couldn’t count.

Smokey laughingDirty, dun-colored baby felines in my house. Ha!

“They’re from Hillbrow,” Heather told me. “Remember the other kitten I brought from Hillbrow, many years ago?”

I have never been to Hillbrow. I do not remember, nor do I care.

An hour later Heather left the house and took the crate with her. I was relieved.

Alas, she returned the next day. This time she emptied the crate of Hillbrow fluff onto my bathroom rug.

Trixie the kitten with her brother and sisterThree squirmy piles of feline fluff on my bathroom rug.

Trixie and her sisterTwo filthy fluff balls. The kittens’ eyes were dirty and runny when they arrived from Hillbrow. 

There were three young felines. I could see their noses and paws through the crack under the bathroom door.

Heather spent lots of time in the bathroom. Sometimes she took other humans in with her. I heard them squealing and laughing through the closed door.

I was not allowed to go into the bathroom. Not that I even would have cared to.

A day or two later, a human woman came and left with one of the fluff balls. Another fluff ball left the next day. I assumed eventually they would all be gone.

Then one evening I came home and found a small feline roaming freely throughout my house.

Kitten and newspaperThe kitten who invaded my castle.

Trixie the Kitten (Menace)

“Her name is Trixie,” Heather said. “Isn’t she sweet?”

I snorted.

Heather thinks I need a companion. “You’re getting older now,” she said. “It will be good for you to show this kitten the ropes. She’ll be good company and she’ll keep you on your toes.”

Hmmph. Why must I show this fluff ball the ropes? And anyway, what ropes? And anyway, I don’t have toes, I have claws. I have no problem whatsoever staying on them.

Trixie and SmokeyI’m not showing this feline any ropes. She can find the ropes herself.

I’ve been largely avoiding the house since the invasion of Trixie the kitten. I come inside two to three times a day, to eat and inspect the premises. The kitten is always there.

Each time I greet her politely, nose to nose, and then recline onto the cool tile floor. Each time, Trixie tries to attack my tail (how rude) and I am compelled to discipline her with a hiss and a swat. I then depart the house through the cat flap, which Trixie is not smart enough or strong enough to use.

Trixie stalks Smokey

Trixie stalks Smokey's tail

Smokey swats Trixie

Smokey mad at TrixieShe’s a menace, I tell you. A fluffy, dun-colored menace.

Heather says I’ll get used to Trixie eventually. I have my doubts.

However, I have decided to let the fluff ball dine with me.

Trixie and Smoket eatingAs long as she sticks to her own plate, I’ll allow it.

That’s all I have to say about Trixie the kitten (menace) for now. But I do have one other piece of news:

In addition to bringing a dun-colored feline fluffball into the house, Heather has also brought a human man.

Trixie and KevinTrixie and Kevin, a human man. He seems to like the fluff ball. I can’t imagine why.

I like Kevin the human man quite a lot. He can stay.

But I wish Trixie the fluff ball would go.



  1. Peggy Laws

    I fear I am not a cat lover (oh dear – I can hear the boos already) and I have to agree with Melville Cat I would prefer Nice Guy Kevin!! Lovely blog Heather and well done for your “kitten rescue”!

    • 2summers

      Dear Peggy, I appreciate your honesty. Respectfully, The Melville Cat ????

  2. dizzylexa

    Good to see you are at least trying and having dinner together, before you know it you’ll be the best of friends.

    • 2summers

      Thank you Gail. Although I remain doubtful.

  3. Carrolle Devonish

    Dear Melville Cat,
    Two weeks ago, l was visiting Joburg and staying in Melville looking for you. I had come all the way from my little island in the West Indies (Anguilla)….and l kept an eye out for you. There was a very lovely cat that visited the guest house from next door..but not you!
    I want you to be patient with the new cat in your home. I am sure in time you will enjoy the company. Tell Heather hello for me. Be well. Carrolle

    • 2summers

      Hello Carrolle, thank you for your encouragement. I am sorry we didn’t meet in Melville but I hope you enjoyed your time in my suburb.

    • 2summers

      That video is wonderful ????

    • 2summers


  4. autumnashbough

    Is this good guy Kevin? Because if he’s bad guy Kevin, you better get him out of there.

    • 2summers

      He is very good. He feeds me cheese.

  5. eremophila

    I reckon you’ve been extremely tolerant. Frank wasn’t impressed either when pixel came to live with us. Then he realized she could be useful in washing his face…
    Bonus with Kevin arriving also. Tell Heather I’m really thrilled for her.xx

    • 2summers

      Hmm, I can’t imagine I’ll ever let this fluff ball clean my face. But I suppose one never knows.

  6. Lani

    I can’t tell if I should congratulate you on the kitten or the man. Hahahahha. Nice writing Melville.

    • 2summers

      I prefer the man, as he feeds me. But the kitten is starting to grow on me a bit ????

      • Lani


  7. Catherine

    You will learn to appreciate your new friend!

    • 2summers

      I suppose…


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