Quick Update on the 2Summers #Gauteng52 Challenge Book

by | Apr 11, 2019 | #Gauteng52 | 6 comments

UPDATE (June 2019): I’ve completed the second printing of the 2Summers #Gauteng52 Challenge. I still have more than 40 copies left. If you’d like to buy one, send me a message or use the payment button below. The book is also for sale at Bridge Books.

If you follow my social media channels you’ve probably seen lots of updates about this already. So please excuse the redundancy. But I just want to make sure everyone knows:

  1. The initial 250-copy print run for The 2Summers #Gauteng52 Challenge book (printed in November 2018) is sold out. Thanks to all of you who bought copies, came to my book launches, told your friends, etc.
  2. Since quite a few people are still interested in buying the book, I’ve decided to do a small second print run of 100 copies. You can pre-order your copy now using the payment button below.

The book costs R400 (about $28). My goal is to get 50 pre-orders before printing the book, which will nearly cover the costs. (Printing books is expensive, y’all.) I’m already halfway there so please help me reach 50 pre-orders before the end of April.

I’ve received tons of nice feedback on the book so far. It serves as a great quirky guidebook for Joburg and Gauteng province — local Airbnb owners love putting it out on their coffee tables. (If you know any Airbnb owners, please spread the word.)

If you’d like to get a really good idea of what’s in the book, read this review from Professor Kathy Munro in the Heritage Portal. I was excited to receive such an in-depth and positive review from one of the toughest Joburg book critics in town.

Also, legendary travel writer Kate Turkington wrote a quick review of the book in the City Press newspaper last Sunday. Thanks Kate, you rock.

If you live in either Europe or the United States, please don’t hesitate to place an order. I often have friends coming and going from both places (I’ll be in the U.S. myself this fall) and I’ll be able to get your book to you.

Assuming I receive my 50 pre-orders in time — which I’m on-target to accomplish, as long you all do your part — I will print and distribute the books during the first half of May. Yay! Thanks in advance.

Heather and the 2Summers #Gauteng52 Challenge book
Don’t forget that payment button at the top of the page. (Photo by Tenney Mason)

Read more about the #Gauteng52 Challenge.


  1. eremophila

    Yay, well done????

    • 2summers

      Thanks! I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons on this project 🙂

    • Leila

      Not sure when this post is from – still chance to put in an order? What are chances of you printing in May? 🙂

      • 2summers

        Hi Leila, yes you can still put in an order! I’m printing the books as we speak and they should definitely be done by the end of May.

  2. Lani

    Yeaaa! That’s so awesome. I never thought about guesthouses putting your book thoughtfully on coffee tables. Only the beginning!


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