My Favorite Jozi Coffee Shops: AFRIKOA in Rosebank

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This post, featuring AFRIKOA Café, is the eighth in an occasional series about my favorite coffee shops in Joburg

I recently wrote a story about AFRIKOA Café — an African chocolate café, champagne bar, and coffee shop — for Lonely Planet Travel News. I want to mention it briefly here too because it’s something really new and different.

AFRIKOA is in the Keyes Art Mile, that super cool art/design/foodie complex in Rosebank. AFRIKOA opened in February and is the now the coolest place there.

AFRIKOA Cafe in Rosebank Keyes Art Mile

Long story short: AFRIKOA is the only chocolate company in South Africa that sources its cocoa beans directly from African farmers (from one specific region in Tanzania) and produces/sells single-origin chocolate that never leaves the Continent. AFRIKOA chocolate is made in Cape Town but the café in Rosebank is its first brick-and-morter shop.

The hot chocolate at AFRIKOA is incredible, as are the chocolate desserts, which were conceived by Belgian pastry chef Laettia Van Waeyenberge. AFRIKOA also serves African coffee, with beans sourced directly from a single coffee estate in Rwanda.

Hot chocolate from AFRIKOA
Dark hot chocolate from AFRIKOA. I’ve also tried the chocolate espresso (hot chocolate poured over espresso) and the regular flat white coffee — all delicious.
Trio chocolate dessert from AFRIKOA
The “Trio Chocolate”: Chocolate sauce over chocolate mousse over some other chocolate over a biscuit. I loved the gooey frozen crispiness of this dessert and it was just the right size for an afternoon snack (also quite affordable).

In addition to the chocolate and coffee, AFRIKOA serves fancy French champagne by the bottle only. This is a bit of a departure from the whole single-origin-all-African vibe, which struck me as strange at first.

But this is Joburg, where East meets West and the concept of “Africa” is simultaneously earthy and luxurious. Somehow it all just works.

Champagne and chocolate at AFRIKOA Cafe
French champagne and African chocolate: Why not?

AFRIKOA Café is hidden away on the first floor of the Trumpet Building in the Keyes Art Mile, one floor down from the Mesh Club. The café itself is tiny but there is also some seating on the balcony across the hall, which is fantastic when the weather is nice.

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  1. eremophila

    Oh, yes, this gets my vote, definitely????
    Belgium plus chocolate plus pastry, oh yum!

    • 2summers

      Yes! And all from Africa ????

  2. 40andfeelinit

    You found a diamond in the rough! A chocolate diamond, lol!

    • 2summers

      I like the idea of a chocolate diamond.

  3. Eva Melusine Thieme

    Mouth watering. Your pictures as always tell a great story! Chocolate and coffee is a great combo any day, and it all being sourced in Africa is fantastic.

    • 2summers

      It’s a very good combo indeed.


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