From the Melville Cat:

Forgive me friends, as it has been many months since my last update. I’ve been busy. For a while I was spending most of my time outdoors in an effort to escape the insufferable badgering of the Trixie, the Midget Fluff Ball Menace. She has grown larger and her harassment progressively more tiresome.

Smokey the Melville Cat on the floor in the kitchen.
The Melville Cat and Trixie in the kitchen.
She’s always hovering just beyond my peripheral vision, ready to pounce.
Melville Cat and Melville Kitten
I know she appears calm but Heather only photographs us together during rare quiet moments. In reality the Menace is always scampering about, stalking and leaping onto my head.
Melville Cat rolling over with the Melville Kitten.
She turns my world upside-down.
Melville Cat with a bandage on he leg.
The Fluff Ball Menace even drove me to injury. While sleeping in the woods to avoid her, I entered into a scrap with the ginger tomcat next door and wound up with this bloody bandage on my leg. Not to worry: I used my powerful jaws remove the bandage three hours after the vet put it on me. The wound healed quickly anyway.

I was away so often, Heather frequently worried about me. This was by design, of course. In one instance I stayed away for two days and two nights, and when I returned Heather was just about to publish a blog post announcing my disappearance. She welcomed me with tears in her eyes, held me tightly, and fed me a full packet of moist kibble. Mission accomplished.

Smokey on a chair
I am still the man in charge.

Then winter came, temperatures dropped, and I grew bored with sleeping outdoors. I decided to swallow my pride and start sleeping in Heather’s bed again, despite the Menace’s constant presence there. Fortunately the Menace has enough respect to remain at the foot of the bed and yield to me my rightful place beside Heather.

Melville Cat laughing
Sometimes you just have to laugh.

The Fluff Ball’s Birthday

Heather asked me to write a post this week because the Midget Fluff Ball Menace is now one year old. We don’t know exactly which day she was born but it was sometime in July 2018.

Trixie the kitten with her brother and sister
That’s the Menace in the middle, on the day she first invaded my home in September 2018.
Smokey swats Trixie
She was so small and harmless then.
Melville Cat and Trixie
Today she is nearly as large as I am.

Happy birthday, Menace. In feline years you are now an adult. Please behave as such. Good day.

Trixie in a tree as a kitten
Trixie, October 2018.
Trixie in a tree at one year old.
Trixie, July 2019.

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