It’s boiling hot in Joburg this week. But I’m in a winter wonderland in Colorado.

My view out the kitchen window this morning.

My best friend Claire lives in Colorado Springs and I’m visiting her, between visits to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Taos, Santa Fe, and Middlebury. It’s a long trip, happening right as autumn changes to winter, which means this year I’m kind of having 2Winters instead of 2Summers.

It snowed a few inches this morning — my first snowfall in nearly a decade — and it was the prettiest, fluffiest snow I’ve ever seen.

Colorado Snow

I went outside and discovered a soft, silent, snow-white utopia. Falling snow somehow makes sub-freezing temperatures feel less cold — I crunched around comfortably despite the 17° Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius) air. I had the best time taking photos.

Snowy street in Colorado Springs
Snowy street.
Next-door neighbor's house in the snow
The next-door neighbor’s house.
Snow and stream
Snow and stream.
tree branch in snow
It was beautiful.

My mom and I took a walk into town. The snow piled up on the colorful little Craftsman-style houses in the most delightful way.

I almost want to move to Colorado Springs just so I can buy one of these houses.
Green house and snow
Green house and snow.
Tiny house
Impossibly adorable tiny house.
Mom in front of a house
Mom in front of a Halloween-decorated house.
There were icicles.
Heather in snow
I was so happy.

I’m not usually crazy about winter weather but this beats the Joburg heat wave. I’m returning to summer next week.

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