Joburg COVID-19 Lockdown Journal: Day 14 (by the Melville Cat)

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For those of you who are new to this blog: The Melville Cat is an occasional guest contributor. Tonight he has written his second lockdown journal post.

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Good evening, friends. It is I, the Melville Cat, here with my weekly lockdown update. (Read my update from last Thursday.) Today is Day 14 of the human lockdown, which — same as last week — is of little consequence to me.

The Melville Cat during lockdown
Lockdown photo Day 14: Me.

I have continued my recent habit — for reasons not fully understood, even by me — of entering the house only to eat three times each day. At all other times I sleep outside in a hedge.

Cats waiting for food
The midget and me, awaiting food earlier today.
Melville Cat in hedge
Here I am in my hedge.
Melville Cat in hedge
I’m here. Can you see me?

During the brief moments I spend inside, Heather tells me about the pandemic and how worried she is about the other humans outside. She says many people are suffering, which most likely means many felines and canines are suffering as well. This is very sad.

Alas, there is nothing I can do to help. I will continue to eat and sleep in my hedge.

Heather would like me to inform you about two pieces of important pandemic reading:

  1. Today Heather was quoted in a news story about the pandemic, which appeared in the New York Times. I do not know (or care) what the New York Times is, but Heather is quite excited. The story is about Americans, like Heather, who have chosen to remain living in Africa during the pandemic. Again, this means nothing to me. But I understand Heather is described in the article as living “alone with her two cats”. This is nonsense. Heather does not live alone — she lives with cats! How rude.
  2. An abbreviated version of Heather’s lockdown journal was published on a website called the Culture Trip. There is a clever cartoon drawing of Heather in the article, but the drawing does not include me. Again, this is rude.

I have nothing more to say. Good evening.

Melville cat in hedge
Good evening, from my hedge.

Today’s Worthy Cause

As usual, Heather is back to report on the worthy cause.

Today I am featuring the Johannesburg In Your Pocket Guide. While not exactly a cause per se, this incredible Joburg magazine (also a small business) is doing a valiant job continuing to put out engaging, useful content for Joburgers during this horrendous time.

Johannesburg In Your Pocket Guide
I think this was the first-ever issue of the Johannesburg In Your Pocket Guide, which I blogged about many years ago.

The Joburg In Your Pocket Guide is normally about things to go out and do in Joburg — restaurants, art exhibitions, theatre, music festivals, shopping, etc. It has always been my number one recommendation (outside my own blog, of course) for both locals and visitors looking for things to do in town.

Now, of course, there are no visitors and locals aren’t allowed to leave their homes. But that hasn’t stopped the Joburg In Your Pocket Guide from putting out an amazing newsletter every week, filled with virtual theatre performances and concerts, recipes from local chefs, online classes and shopping recommendations, and tips on how to continue supporting local tourism and restaurants during the lockdown.

I’ve always loved the Joburg In Your Pocket Guide but I love it even more now. I know the staff very well, and they are working their you-know-whats off right now to continue producing a great product while keeping their business afloat and helping do the same for all of the struggling businesses in Joburg. Please support the guide by subscribing to the newsletter, reading their articles, and supporting their advertisers.

Good night.


  1. Expatorama

    Melville Cat you are too modest, it is obvious that you are practising social-distancing by mostly living in a hedge and only making essential journeys for food. Bravo.

    • 2summers

      Thank you for understanding.

    • 2summers

      I generally do not.

  2. Catrina

    Those guys at the New York Times don’t get it, to they? You are the true hero, the one protecting Heather and The midget from all the predators. I agree, it’s just rude.

    • 2summers

      Thank you for your support.

  3. Shane Watson

    Being quoted in the New York Times is a very big deal. Congrats! They even gave you a link and that’s how I found your blog.

    • 2summers

      I know, I was really surprised they linked to my blog! I’m so happy you found it that way. Best of luck with your repatriation.

  4. eremophila

    Congratulations Heather on your new fame!
    Always great to hear Smokey’s view on things????????

    • 2summers

      Smokey says thank you.


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