Lockdown Journal: Day 43 (Pictures of Cats)

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It’s Day 43 of the South African lockdown. Here is a picture of a cat.

Trixie the cat
Lockdown photo 43: A cat.

I considered writing about various things today:

  1. My lack of motivation for doing literally everything.
  2. The death of the South African publishing industry.
  3. My love for Chunk the Groundhog, whose life seems particularly relevant these days.
  4. My new and very intense disdain for capitalism.

But I just aired my grievances two days ago and I think it’s too soon for more of that. Instead I will share photos of my cats, who serve as faithful daily reminders that not everyone in the world gives a shit about COVID-19.

Smokey the Melville Cat in the sun
Smokey, aka the Melville Cat, enjoying his morning sun in the kitchen.
Smokey cleaning himself
Smokey cleaning himself, as he does for 98% of his waking minutes (approximately 19 minutes a day).
Smokey with toungue
In between licks.
Smokey eyes
Smokey is not as youthful and sleek as he once was. He suffers from itchy skin and has lost weight in his old age. I’m actually quite worried about him. But his eyes remain bright yellow and razor sharp, which comforts me.
Trixie the Melville kitten
Trixie the Melville Kitten, born in a boxing gym basement in Hillbrow, now nearing two years old.
Trixie the cat
Trixie has grown into a beautiful cat. Her eyes used to be amber but they’re more hazel now.
Last cat pic for now.

Today’s Worthy Cause

Today’s worthy cause is Nosh Food Rescue, which is doing amazing work feeding people in Joburg. During the lockdown Nosh is partnering with various Joburg restaurants, including Thava Indian Restaurant in Norwood, to prepare and distribute food to those in need. Instructions on how to donate to Nosh are here.

I think this is the shortest lockdown post I’ve written yet. Hopefully I’ll feel more verbose tomorrow.


  1. Nancy McDaniel

    Verbose or succinct, sad or happy, pensive or celebratory, I always love reading your posts. And I love seeing the cats too!

  2. catji

    Lovely. Great photos, dunno how you do it.

    Cats are superior. 🙂 Natural-born yogis, and they don’t spend much time on “fruitful activities,” just a bit of playing.

    oh, I realise, like they say on reddit, “username checks out.”

  3. Charmain Lines

    Thank you for your posts, Heather, and for the cats today. Having looked at Trixie, and learning that she’s almost two years old, I’m wondering about the odds of her being related to my cat. Evie’s colouring is so similar to Trixie’s and she is also almost two. We got her after she was rescued (with 4 kittens) from the Wits campus – not too far from Hillbrow! I have a beautiful picture of her to show you, but don’t know how to upload it to my comment.

    • 2summers

      Hi Charmain, they could be cousins! If you go to my 2Summers Facebook page, you could upload a picture in the comments there 🙂

  4. Catrina

    Great photos of your cats.
    Haha, I’ve never heard of Chunk the Groundhog! ????

    • 2summers

      It’s one of my favorite animal instagram accounts 🙂

  5. AutumnAshbough

    Sometimes, cat pictures are what you need to get through. Today half the blogs I follow are posting them!

  6. David Bristow

    Welcome to the “new and intense” Disdain for Capitalism Club. Love your posts. My plans for heading off down the road and off the grid are progressing ….

    • 2summers

      Hahaha, thanks. That sounds like a good plan.



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