Lockdown Journal: Day 50 (A Good Day)

by | May 15, 2020 | COVID-19, Johannesburg, Melville and Surrounds | 21 comments

Today is Day 50 of the South African lockdown. This week was really hard overall. But I think today was the best day I’ve had since the lockdown started.

Trixie with flowers
Lockdown photo 50: Beautiful cat, beautiful flowers.

Around the two-week mark, when the president announced the lockdown would be extended from 21 to 35 days, I was trying to decide if I should continue numbering my lockdown posts. My friend Kate said I should. “You’re gonna want to know what number you’re on when you start to hit the 50s,” she said. I took her advice, but I also laughed because at that point I truly couldn’t imagine “hitting the 50s”. And yet here we are.

I have published a blog post every day for 53 days. (One of those days I even posted twice.) I hit my 1000th all-time blog post on Day 16. I’m also nearing my 10-year blogiversary on 26 June, and two million all-time page views at some point in the next few months. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll still be locked down for those milestones, too.

One thing is for sure: This blog has permanently changed, just as all of our lives have permanently changed. My days of blogging about travel and walking tours and eating out are indefinitely on hold, along with a lot of other things, and I need to start thinking seriously about what comes next for 2Summers.

In the meantime I think today is a good day to pause — just for the weekend — to collect my thoughts for a bit. I promise I’ll be back on Monday. But I’ve realized writing a blog post every single day for an indefinite period of time is not good for my sanity. Maybe you’ll enjoy having a little break from me, too.

A Good Day

After several days of mostly grim blog posts, I’m happy I’ll be able to end my 53-day streak on a high note.

Book Circle Capital, the independent book shop in 27 Boxes, has reopened so I met my friend Nina there. (I had a R500-voucher to spend — thanks so much to reader Nancy McDaniel for purchasing it for me.)

Nina and I had a wonderful chat with Sewela Langeni, Book Circle Capital’s owner. Sewela is a superhero. In addition to running the bookshop, she has an additional full-time office job, a husband, and is raising four children. We talked about books and about life, and Sewela invited Nina and me to hold our next book club meeting in the shop.

Nina and Sewela in Book Circle Capital
Nina and Sewela at Book Circle Capital.

Nina and I a chose a book for the book club meeting: Fred Khumalo’s The Longest March, as recommended by Sewela. Then we spent some time catching up in the 27 Boxes garden (socially distanced, of course) and bought bread from the Baker Brothers.

Then we walked back to our cars and Nina gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, because she is awesome like that. I couldn’t wait to take them home. Putting the flowers into a vase and setting them up in my living room brought me so much joy.

Proteas are my favorite flowers.

Trixie loved the flowers too, and photographing her with them made me even happier. Trixie kept changing her position as the light also changed, giving me an infinite number of frames.

Trixie sleeping with flowers
Basically my cat is a supermodel.

That was my day.

Something to Watch

Another thing making me happy today is this song by Max Hurrell with an accompanying unofficial video by the Kiffness. I have watched it at least 30 times today. In fact I’m struggling to finish this blog post because I keep playing the video over and over and dancing in my chair, which makes it difficult to type.

Sorry non-South-Africans, the video won’t make sense to you and it’s too complicated to explain. But it’s only a minute-and-a-half (I wish it were longer) and you might enjoy the beat anyway.

Today’s Worthy Cause

Speaking of independent bookshops, Jacana Media is running a great promotion right now to help keep these small businesses afloat. Spend R100 at any one of several independent bookshops and you’ll receive a free book from Jacana (a South African book publisher). Details are here.

See you on Monday!


  1. Nancy McDaniel

    Oh I am so so glad you got to go to Book Circle Capital and got a book (and beautiful protea). And yes, Trixie IS a supermodel; th sun on her in the last shot is stunning. Have a good weekend. Enjoy your book and your flowers.

    • 2summers

      Thanks so much Nancy! Thanks for providing the spark for this day.

  2. Margaret Urban

    Love your supermodel cat; and the flowers 🙂 enjoy the weekend break!

  3. Albert

    Your lockdown diary has been a beacon! Can’t believe it is 50days. We may have withdrawal symptoms not having a daily blog entry to read…. Just saying.

    • 2summers

      I’m only taking two days off!

      • Albert

        Phew!! That’s a relief!!

  4. Catrina

    Beautiful photos – got to love the proteas!
    That video sent me down a rabbit hole. I didn’t know about the “zol” songs (and other songs). So funny!????
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • 2summers

      They are the best. I’m going to listen to that song all night.

  5. catji

    She demonstrated, now famous. So how does that work when there is a sign language interpreter? I think it was kind of an adapted version of what she did? I dunno, it was like a whole new surreal. 😀
    So now the TikTok challenge is out.

    • 2summers

      I haven’t gotten into TikTok yet, but Zol might just do it.

    • eremophila

      Naturally Trixie is a supermodel. She was trained by Smokey, the profound expert!

  6. Yonit

    I love reading your daily posts. It is part of the way i count the lockdown days, somehow this blog might be the only thing that actually makes sense! It’s real, emotional and insightful. Please just know that i enjoy reading it ????

    • 2summers

      Thanks so much Yonit ❤️

  7. Peggy Laws

    Enjoy your weekend break and glad you had a good day. LOVED the video!!!! Am off for my 5km morning walk – the walking with a friend each day really does keep me sane.

    • 2summers

      Hahaha, glad you liked it. Enjoy!

  8. David Bristow

    Oh my gosh, Fred Khumalo (fellow Jacana author), The Kifness aka Dave Scott and Nancy McDaniel all in one blog post. I first met Nancy aka Mama Africa of Chicago, on a World Bicycle Relief event in Zambia 7 years ago and have been fast facebook and email friends ever since. Some few degrees of separation.

    • 2summers

      Hahaha! Nancy didn’t tell me she’s Mama Africa of Chicago! Hopefully she’ll fill me in now.


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