It’s Day 88 of the South African lockdown. Today, at long last, Trixie the Melville Kitten (who is actually not a kitten anymore) makes her blogging debut.

From Trixie:

Hello! Hi it’s Trixie! I’m blogging I’m blogging I’m blogging.

Trixie the Melville kitten in cardboard box
It’s me, Trixie, in my box.

I wanted to blog for a long time. Heather said I’m too little. I said I’m two! Big Brother said I’m not smart enough but that’s wrong. I asked asked asked, I said please! They said no no no.

But today Heather said she doesn’t have ideas to blog. Big Brother says he’s cold. He’s at the fire.

Smokey at the fire
Big Brother at the fire. Fire is hot hot hot.

Heather said today I can blog. I’m blogging I’m blogging I’m blogging!

Trixie and a string
This is me and my string. I pull the string and chew it.

Heather says it is lock-down. It has been lock-down for a lot of days. I love lock-down, Heather is here all the time. She feeds me and plays with my string and stays in bed with the hot bottle and I sleep where it’s warm. Lock-down is nice!

Outside I love to climb. I climb in the tree high high high! Heather stands under, she says don’t fall. I don’t fall. I climb and I roll roll roll on the ground. I sneak in the grass and the leaves.

Trixie in the bottlebrush tree
I climb in the tree to look at the birds fly. I want to fly like the birds. I want to eat the birds, I want to eat them! I don’t know how.

I run in the bathtub and lick the water. I jump in the box. I crawl in the blanket. I creep through the door, the small door only for cats. I eat the yummy food. I run. I run I run I run.

I jump on Big Brother. I want to play! But he won’t. Big Brother is old. I love Big Brother a lot.

Smokey and Trixie
Big Brother says I’m a fluffy menace but I don’t care. I love Big Brother. I love him I love him.

I’m tired sometimes. I lay in the sun. I look in the window. I sleep, I have a scary dream! I wake up I’m scared I meow I jump. I run I run I run.

Trixie in the sun
I’m in the sun. Later I run.

This is Trixie in lock-down. I love lock-down I love Heather I love Big Brother I love Trixie. I love you!

I blogged I blogged I blogged. Good night, love Trixie.

Trixie looking outside
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