Earlier this week my American friend Ryan tipped me off to a shop called Yummy, in Mayfair, which sells a quirky selection of imported American junk food. I googled the place and knew immediately that I had to make a pilgrimage.

Ryan and I went to Yummy yesterday. The shop is on 3rd Avenue in Mayfair (the suburb next to Fordsburg), in a little strip center behind the BP garage.

Yummy Mayfair
Yummy Mayfair.
Ryan browses the shelves at Yummy Mayfair
Ryan browses the Yummy shelves.

In addition to American junk food, Yummy Mayfair also sells frozen and prepared foods from a number of local suppliers, as well as imported foods from the U.K., Europe, and Asia.

Yummy shop owner Azhar Ismail was born and raised in Joburg. But he spent some time living in Dubai and developed a taste for foreign snacks while he was there. Azhar and I commiserated over the sad selection of breakfast cereals in South Africa.

When his dad opened Yummy four years ago, Azhar convinced him to include imported foods in their inventory. Most of the foreign foods Azhar sells are imported from Dubai.

Sour Patch Kids from Yummy
Sour Patch Kids, one of my personal favorites.
Pepsi products at Yummy
Pepsi, 7-Up, and Mountain Dew are hard to come by in South Africa. Yummy also carries a wide selection of Dr. Pepper sodas, which are much sought-after in these parts.
American hot sauce
American mustard and hot sauce.
More American candy at Yummy
More American favorites.
I was excited about these mini Kellogg’s cereals, especially the Frosted Flakes and Corn Pops.

In many cases, the American foods Yummy carries are quirky, slightly off-center versions of traditional favorites. Azhar said their imported inventory (and the price) is greatly dependent of whatever happens to be available on a particular day. Stocks have been a bit thinner and more expensive since the pandemic hit.

Purple Oreos
We found many different versions of Oreos, including these “ice cream” ones with purple cream.
American cereals
I had never seen Mermaid Fruit Loops before.
Interesting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Reese's pieces inside.
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups stuffed with Reese’s Pieces: So meta.

I was conservative in my selections, as I try to avoid eating too much junk food and I was at Yummy to blog, not shop. But I couldn’t help purchasing a few items: Sour Patch Kids, mini cereals, a can of Dr. Pepper Zero.

And then there was my most exciting discovery: Flipz chocolate-covered pretzels!

Flipz chocolate-covered pretzels
Trust me, this American junk snack deserves an exclamation point. For some reason I only bought one bag, which was a mistake because I’ve already eaten half of it. I should have bought out the entire supply of milk chocolate. (Also, there’s a glimpse of Twizzlers on the left side of the frame — another rare find in South Africa.)

I forgot to take pictures of all the non-American food items at Yummy, but there are lots.

Local Is Lekker. But! Imported Is Yummy! is now my favorite shopping tag line. For the non-South-Africans among you, “lekker” is an Afrikaans slang term meaning “good” or “cool”. Note the local brand names on the sign.

I’ll be back at Yummy soon for more Flipz.

Yummy Mayfair is at 86 3rd Avenue, Mayfair. Call 063-685-5955, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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