Saturday Night at the Burger Box Roadhouse, Krugersdorp

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Sixth in my “Roadhouses of Gauteng” series. Browse all of my roadhouse posts or view a map of the roadhouses I’ve visited.

On a Saturday night in late June, 2021 — before I flew from South Africa to America and back again — Thorsten and I ate dinner at the Burger Box Roadhouse in Krugersdorp (northwest of the city on Joburg’s West Rand). There are several Burger Boxes around Gauteng, but I chose Krugersdorp because that location received particularly rave reviews from my readers.

Burger Box Roadhouse, Krugersdorp
Like all of Joburg’s roadhouses, the Krugersdorp Burger Box has a spectacular sign. Unfortunately the neon doesn’t light up anymore.

This dinner feels more like a year ago than just over a month ago. So much has happened since then, and my memory of the Burger Box has faded around the edges. But I’m glad I waited until now to write this post. I feel like mid-June was a simpler time in South Africa — before the full destructive force of the Delta variant, before the Antarctic cold, before the most recent lockdown, before the violence and looting. It’s nice to hearken back a bit, especially in my current jet-lagged state.

I keep waiting for one of these roadhouses to disappoint me but so far it hasn’t happened. Our meal at the Burger Box was delightful, as all of our roadhouse meals have been. I loved the building, I loved the signs (although I’m sad the neon lights weren’t working), I loved the service, I loved my milkshake, and I loved my burger. I even loved the awkward experience — as I always do — of eating messy food in the car.

The Burger Box Roadhouse building
The long, skinny roadhouse building, viewed through the windshield of our car.
Burger Box bathroom building
The Burger Box bathroom building, which is almost as cool as the restaurant building. (I can’t vouch for the bathroom facilities themselves as I didn’t have to go.)

I also loved the company of my wonderful boyfriend, who has endless enthusiasm for accompanying me to far-flung roadhouses and draws cool sketches of them sometimes.

Sketch of the Burger Box Roadhouse
Thorsten’s sketch of the Burger Box, which I think captures the feel of the place better than any of my photos. You can see more of Thorsten’s sketches at @thethinking_hand.

Dinner at the Krugersdorp Burger Box

The menu has all the normal roadhouse fare but we both ordered burgers: It felt wrong to order anything else on our first-ever visit to the Burger Box. I chose the bacon and avo burger and Thorsten had the bacon and banana.

Meal served at the Burger Box
Dinner is served on the outside of the car window.
Chips at Burger Box
The chips (fries) were uniquely shaped — thick and flat at the same time — and crispy without being hard or overcooked. These were the best roadhouse chips I’ve had yet.
Burger Box burger
I struggled to get a good picture of my burger. I had to eat it as soon as I took the wrapper off to keep it from falling apart. It was a perfect burger though — meaty, well seasoned, garnished with fresh toppings, and just the right size for my two hands.
Heather with an Oreo milkshake at the Burger Box
Me with my Oreo milkshake, which was also excellent. If I had to pick the best roadhouse milkshake so far, I’d say it’s a tie between this one and the Bar-One milkshake from Uncle Harry’s. (Photo: Thorsten Deckler)

After our meal I had a quick chat with Johannes, the manager, who was busy calling out orders behind the counter. I couldn’t make out much of what he said (too much background noise and mask interference), but I believe Johannes has been working at this Burger Box for the past 35 years.

Johannes, manager at the Burger Box
Staff at the Burger Box
The Burger Box staff was so nice. I hope they’ve all survived the recent calamities in Gauteng.

Thanks to everyone at the Burger Box for a great meal that night. We hope to return soon.

Also: It’s great to be back, Joburg. I’ve missed you. And I can’t wait for my next roadhouse meal.

The Burger Box is at 193 Voortrekker Road, Krugersdorp. Call 011-955-6767.


  1. Darryl Clifford

    Heather, you have discovered a gem of a place in good ‘ol Krugerfornia. Burger Box remains a favourite for many years. I would highly recommend their ribs, the meat falls off the bone.

    • 2summers

      Yes, I’m so glad I discovered it! (Thanks to the people who read this blog.)

  2. Albert

    Welcome back!! For a minute I thought you had hardly gotten off the plane and already at a roadhouse again. Lol

    • 2summers

      Hahaha. That actually is not a terrible idea — roadhouse food would have tasted REALLY good after that nearly 24-hour journey.

    • P

      Would be cool to post about how some of the big cities you visited on your trip compare to JHB from a safety, cleanliness, friendliness, etc. perspective.

      • 2summers

        I didn’t visit any city that’s remotely comparable to Joburg on this trip!

  3. dizzylexa

    Thorsten’s drawings are such an added bonus to your blogs, I love this one. Welcome back.

    • 2summers

      I love this one too. Thanks ????

  4. David Bristow

    You’ve had their devil of a burger, now see the TV show Devilsdorp! 🙂

    • 2summers

      Is this a show about Krugersdorp?

      • David Bristow

        Same one.

  5. AutumnAshbough

    Oh, those fries look great! I love the thick ones (who am I kidding I love most fries).

    • 2summers

      Me too. But these were particularly great! They were unusually shaped.


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