My Favorite Jozi Coffee Shops: Red Door Café in Edenvale

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Ekurhuleni (East Rand), Food and Drink, Johannesburg | 9 comments

Twelfth in an occasional series about my favorite coffee shops in Joburg

I’d nearly forgotten about the chilly day, more than two months ago, when Gail and I had a spontaneous coffee and lunch at Red Door Café in Edenvale. We had just gone shopping for knitting supplies at Elli’s Needlework and realized Red Door was on the next block.

Neon sign at Red Door coffee shop in Edenvale
The perfect red neon sign, above the perfect blazing fire, inside the Red Door Café.

I was so impressed by Red Door and made a mental note to add it to my “Favorite Jozi Coffee Shops” list. But then I got distracted by my impending trip to the United States and everything thereafter. I’m glad I happened to stumble upon my Red Door photos again this morning.

On a related note, thank you again to the Johannesburg In Your Pocket Guide and @JoziCoffeeSpots for the fantastic review (published several months ago) of Joburg’s best coffee shops with outdoor seating. Red Door is the third coffee shop, after Toasted and Vice, that I’ve visited and blogged about because of that review.

There are a few things I particularly like about Red Door. First, it’s hidden away in the middle of a residential neighborhood, giving it a pleasant, locals-only feel.

Red Door signs
Cute signage outside.

Second, the owners have clearly put a ton of love and care into the design and decor of the restaurant. It’s cozy and comfortable and has a uniquely South African vibe.

Gail at the Red Door Cafe in Edenvale
The decor has a little bit of everything South African, in a way that some might perceive as kitschy but I 100% love it. Red Door (as mentioned previously) also has a nice outdoor seating area that we initially tried to sit in. But it was too cold so we gave up and went inside.
Red Door
There’s the Red Door.

Third, there is an adjoining deli/gift shop selling all South African goods.

Pickles for sale at the Red Door deli
There were a ton of cool items I could have photographed in the deli, but for some reason I fixated on these nicely branded pickles from the Pickled Boys.

Fourth, Red Door has a fantastic coffee drink and food menu, including Father Coffee and…pulled pork mac and cheese!

Latte from Red Door
I wish I could remember what this drink was. I didn’t order coffee because I was already too coffee’d up, so it was definitely some kind of non-coffee latte. I can only remember how much I enjoyed it.
Beet root latte
Gail’s lovely beetroot latte.
Mac and cheese from Red Door
I actually wasn’t planning to order lunch until I saw pulled pork mac and cheese on the menu. Mac and cheese is not a super common dish in South Africa and I had never tried it with pulled pork before. It was delicious — perfect for a winter day in Joburg.

Red Door has it all. The end.

Red Door Café is at 26 5th Avenue, Edenvale, in the glorious East Rand. Call 011-453-1926.


  1. David Bristow

    I love that you take us to parts of the city we did not visit much, if at all, when growing up there. We were much more insular (snobbish and opinionated maybe) then.

    • 2summers

      Well, it’s my pleasure! To be honest I think people are still pretty snobbish and insular about the areas they visit in Joburg…I’ve even noticed myself sliding in that direction from time to time. Thank goodness I have this blog to pull me back.

  2. Peggy Laws

    I have been going to this Coffee House since it opened and seen it evolve. Also one of my favourite spots.

  3. AutumnAshbough

    That does look cozy and warm. What else could you want on a cold day besides a fire and Mac & cheese? (Hot chocolate. I bet your drink was hot chocolate.)

    • 2summers

      No it was definitely something tea-like, but not chai I don’t think. I remember thinking I’d never heard of it before. Maybe someone from Red Door will know and chime in.

  4. dizzylexa

    I can’t even remember what that drink was that you had, can we call this Covid Fog.

    • 2summers

      Hahahahaaaaaa, most definitely. I wish I could remember because I know it was something really cool that I’d never heard of before.

  5. Justin Chamblee

    Great article and review. Thanks Heather! ????


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