Roasty’s Roadhouse: Worth the Journey to Fourways

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Eighth in my “Roadhouses of Gauteng” series. Browse all of my roadhouse posts or view a map of the roadhouses I’ve visited.

I am not easily convinced to drive to Fourways, an outer suburb about 30 minutes north of central Joburg. And when I first started my roadhouse series, it was my intention to focus solely on “old” roadhouses that opened in the 20th century and stood the test of time.

But recently I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about Roasty’s, a year-old roadhouse on Witkoppen Road in Fourways.

Roasty's Roadhouse in Fourways
Roasty’s Roadhouse.

When I was invited to appear on Mix FM last month and talk about roadhouses, several listeners called in to recommend Roasty’s. I looked it up and found that Roasty’s has great social media channels, full of happy snaps of people eating burgers and milkshakes. Those photos really sold me.

So last Saturday evening, Thorsten and I ventured forth to Fourways. I’m really glad we did because Roasty’s was delightful.

Heather's car at Roasty's Roadhouse in Fourways
Parked and ready to eat at Roasty’s.
Thorsten sketch of Roasty's
Thorsten’s sketch of Roasty’s. See more of his work on @thethinking_hand.

Dinner at Roasty’s Roadhouse, Fourways

Roasty’s is in a very Fourways-ian location — just off off a busy road, at the end of a confusingly circuitous cul-de-sac, quasi-hidden behind a chain restaurant called the Baron. I’m not sure we would have found it without Google Maps (how did I ever function without Google Maps?) and a helpful “Roadhouse this way” sign.

Once we made it to Roasty’s, the atmosphere was extremely pleasant. The building is a simple, converted shipping container surrounded by planters and a nifty vertical succulent garden. Catchy South African pop music played from the loudspeakers. The staff were all super friendly. On my way to the bathroom I found a thriving veggie garden growing behind the restaurant.

Roasty's from the side
Roasty’s from another angle.
Veggie garden at Roasty's
This might be the only South African roadhouse with its own food garden.
Kitchen staff at Roasty's
Friendly kitchen staff.

The weather was perfect so we sat at an outdoor table next to the car. I ordered the sweet chilli chicken kota (I’ve written about kotas in the past but if you need a refresher on what they are, click here) and a chocolate milkshake. Thorsten ordered the barbecue pork belly roll with a side of chips and a vanilla milkshake.

Roasty's menu
The main page of Roasty’s menu.
Kota from Roasty's
My kota was filled with lightly breaded chicken strips, chips, avocado, and feta, all topped with sweet chilli sauce. It was freaking delicious.
Chocolate milkshake
Chocolate milkshake, also great.
Sandwich and chips
I was too absorbed with my kota to try Thorsten’s sandwich before it was gone. But I can vouch for the tasty chips.

I didn’t meet the Roasty’s owners on Saturday. But it’s clear this is a small business developed with real care and thought for the local community’s wants and needs. Roasty’s also opened in September 2020, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic — a ballsy move that I salute.

And also, Roasty’s is fun and I like fun places. We didn’t want to leave.

The drive back to Brixton was long, with a surprising volume of traffic for a Saturday evening (this is Fourways, after all), but it was totally worth it. Joburg needs more places like Roasty’s. Please support it.

Roasty's Roadhouse

Roasty’s Rodhouse is at the corner of Selbourne Road and Witkoppen Road, Fourways.


  1. dizzylexa

    Looks great and I love the veggie garden. So enterprising of the owners that one can only wish them years of success.

  2. Maureen Anderson

    It’s just down the road from me, I have to try it !!!! Thx for sharing 2Summers xoxo

  3. David Bristow

    I dunno. Roadhouses are supposed to be for-real shabby, not Sandton shabby-chic. But I guess one has to embrace the new, no matter how high one finds one is expected to lift one standards. Would that I could load a pic from my files of Fourways as I knew it.

    • 2summers

      Hahaha, no you can’t stop time. I confess I was also initially suspicious of the newer roadhouses but now I’ve changed my tune. A new, independently owned roadhouse is way better than a new McDonalds or Burger King!

  4. Nancy McDaniel

    It looks so cute and inviting. And I love the style of the menu too (without even reading what was on it)

    • 2summers

      Yes, it’s all really nicely done.

  5. AutumnAshbough

    The other kotas on your blog are HUGE. The one at Roasty’s I might be able to take bites from? Someday I’m going to bring my husband to South Africa and prove that he can literally get his massive mouth around anything. (My mouth is small and sad.)

    • 2summers

      Hahahaaaaa. Yes the Roasty’s kota was definitely more manageable than those others.

      • Mzimasi Qotyana

        My wife doesn’t like burgers…but when we tried Roasty’s, she couldn’t have enough. It’s become one of our favourites and we plan on going through the entire menu!

        • 2summers

          I’m so happy to hear that!


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