Joburg’s Five Best Shawarmas

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As many of you already know, I’ve been on a mission to discover Joburg’s best shawarmas. This turned out to be a bigger challenge than I initially anticipated.

Heather eating a shawarmas at the Schwarma Co.
One of many photos of me eating a shawarma, in this instance at the Schwarma Co. in Norwood. All the photos of me eating shawarmas were taken by Thorsten, a.k.a. @theThinking_hand.

First, I like to do my “best of” posts in groups of five. But there are a lot more than five great shawarma restaurants in Joburg. I thought I knew more or less where to go, but once I started researching I found Joburg’s shawarma culture extends more widely than I realized.

Second, about halfway through this challenge I realized I didn’t actually know what a shawarma — or schwarma, as many South Africans spell it — even is. I had always thought of shawarmas as sandwiches made with pita bread and stuffed with various fillings, toppings, and sauces. But that’s not technically what a shawarma is at all (or at least it’s not only that).

The word “shawarma” refers to roasted meat — chicken, beef, or lamb — marinated and stacked into a cone shape on a turning spit.

Shawarma spit at Burhan's
This is the best photo I have of a shawarma spit in action. The restaurant shown here, a Turkish place in Mayfair called Burhan’s, no longer exists (although another Turkish restaurant, not included in this post, has taken its place).

Shawarma meat can be stuffed into a pita, rolled into a laffa (thin bread folded into a wrap), or served without any bread at all — it’s all shawarma, regardless of the format. I discovered during this project that the laffa wrap is my favorite shawarma format.

Muhammed from King Arabic Sandwich loading up shawarmas
Chef Muhammed of King Arabic Sandwich loads a chicken shawarma laffa wrap with the toppings of Thorsten’s choice. All the restaurants on this list share a similar system: You order your shawarma, then wait to be called to the counter to choose your toppings. There are a variety of vegetables to choose from — lettuce and tomato, cabbage, beets, pickles, olives, onions, friend brinjal (eggplant), etc. — as well as hummus, tahini, chilli, and sometimes tatziki sauce. The topping choice is what makes shawarmas fun: each customer is master of their own design. Every restaurant has its own topping twist.

Falafel wrapped in laffa or pita bread is not shawarma, because it’s not meat. But in my experience, every great shawarma restaurant also has great falafel. So if you’re a vegetarian you will not have a problem at any of these places.

Third, shawarmas are insanely filling but it’s very hard not to eat the whole thing. So we couldn’t visit more than restaurant per week without making ourselves sick.

After many weeks, my research is now complete. Here are my five favorites, with the caveat that there are many more great Joburg shawarma places not on this list.

1) The Schwarma Co. in Norwood

The Schwarma Co. is the most famous Joburg shawarma restaurant, located in a two-story building on a prominent corner of Norwood’s Grant Avenue.

Schwarma Co in Norwood
The Schwarma Co.

Schwarma Co. was founded by a pair of Arab-Israeli brothers, Wafi and Marwan, who have lived in Joburg for decades. Their restaurant is usually packed, especially on Sundays.

I like the atmosphere at Schwarma Co. — it’s lively and there’s always good people-watching. I also love checking out all the colorful jars of pickled veggies and other interesting Middle Eastern food products that line the front wall.

Entrance to Schwarma Co.
The order counter at Schwarma Co.

Schwarma Co.’s shawarmas are flawless, with perfectly seasoned meat and fresh, well-presented toppings.

Shawarmas from Schwarma Co
Thorsten’s beef shawarma in pita bread.
Chicken shawarma
I went for chicken shawarma in laffa.

You can’t go wrong with the Schwarma Co. — a solid choice every time. (Be warned: You may have to wait for a table during Sunday lunch.)

The Schwarma Co. is at 71 Grant Avenue, Norwood.

2) Syrian Rose in Fordsburg

I blogged about Syrian Rose a few months ago, so please refer to that post for a full review.

Syrian Rose in Fordsburg
Syrian Rose.

I also love Syrian Rose for its atmosphere. Like Schwarma Co., it sits on a prominent corner and the restaurant is completely open during nice weather. It’s also one of two restaurants on this list in which the laffas are made in full view of the customers, which really adds to the ambiance.

Making laffas at Syrian Rose
Laffa-tossing in progress.

The first few times I went to Syrian Rose I had the grilled chicken meal. Then I discovered the falafel wrap. Finally I tried the beef shawarma platter and then the chicken shawarma wrap. All of it is delicious and exceedingly well priced.

Making a falafel wrap at Syrian Rose
This is actually a falafel wrap, not a shawarma. But the assembly process is the same.
Heather at Syrian Rose
Sitting at Syrian Rose makes me happy.

Syrian Rose is at 208 Albertina Sisulu Rd., Fordsburg.

3) Chanah’s Shawarma Bar in Fairmount

Chanah’s Shawarma Bar is definitely the most obscure place I’ve included here. It’s a tiny shopfront in a small, unobtrusive shopping center in Fairmount, near Glenhazel.

Outside Chanah's
The sign doesn’t say Chanah’s but that is its true name.

Chanah’s is also the most intriguing restaurant on this list, because: 1) The owner, Chanah, is a woman, which seems to be unusual for shawarma restaurants; 2) Chanah is both Ghanaian and Jewish; and 3) Chanah always manages to politely evade my attempts to learn her life story, which I have no doubt is fascinating. I do know she used to live in Israel and that is where she learned to make shawarma.

Chanah making shawarmas at her restaurant in Fairmount
I’ve tried to photograph Chanah several times. She never actually says no, but somehow my photos always turn out like this.

Chanah’s doesn’t have a ton of atmosphere but I like the quirkiness of the place. I also love Chanah’s fried onions. The pitas and laffas are huge and tasty.

Thorsten tucking into his beef shawarma pita.
Chicken laffa at Chanah's
I went for the chicken laffa again. I asked for way too many toppings and I almost felt like I would explode when I finished.

For those who keep kosher, Chanah’s is the place to go — note that it’s closed on Friday nights and Saturdays. (I think all the other restaurants on the list are halal.) Chanah serves a couple of West African dishes but I haven’t tried those yet.

Chanah’s Shawarma Bar is at 10 Bradfield Drive, Fairmount Extension 2.

4) Yalla! in Morningside

Several readers recommended Yalla to me when I asked for shawarma recommendations. I’m glad they did, as I had never heard of it before I started this series. Yalla has two locations, one in Fairland and one in Morningside — Thorsten and I ate at the Morningside location. Yalla’s owners are originally from Syria.

Inside Yalla! in Morningside
Yalla has great atmosphere and branding. I love the neon “Eat Pray Laffa” sign. The sign at the back says “Yalla Habibi”, which means “Let’s go, my dear” in Arabic.

Several aspects of Yalla really stand out to me: the cheerful branding; the super friendly staff; and the “chilli chicken” shawarma, which I haven’t seen anywhere else — the meat is marinated in chilli sauce and the laffa is spread with a special chilli mayo.

Chilli chicken laffa
Thorsten’s chilli chicken laffa in progress. Yalla encourages customers to stick to four toppings, which I think is wise. I tend to overload my shawarmas.
Heather eating beef shawarma
I tried the beef, which was great. I also tasted the chilli chicken and loved it.
Guy making laffas at Yalla
Yalla’s laffa-making station.

Yalla’s locations are at the Fairland Walk Shopping Centre in Fairland and the Morning View Shopping Centre in Morningside.

5) King Arabic Sandwich in Roodepoort

I blogged about King Arabic Sandwich very recently so I’ll keep this writeup short. I’ve saved King Arabic for last because Thorsten and I both agree: Although we love all five of these restaurants and I don’t want to rank them in a specific order, King Arabic Sandwich is our overall favorite.

King Arabic Sandwich sign
The huge King Arabic Sandwich sign, a shining beacon outside the Florida Junction Shopping Centre in Roodepoort.

I don’t know exactly what Chef Muhammed, who is originally from Palestine, does to his shawarmas and falafels — maybe it’s the way he marinates the meat or gently presses the falafel down onto the laffa, just so. But King Arabic’s food is awe-inspiring. I love the atmosphere in the small shop and the music they play. King Arabic Sandwich is pure fun.

Falafel wrap at King Arabic Sandwich
Again, this is falafel and not shawarma. But you get the idea.
Chef Muhammed of King Arabic Sandwich in Roodepoort
The man himself.

I have now said everything I can possibly say about shawarmas in Joburg. I look forward to your comments: Who do you think I’ve missed? Yalla habibi!


  1. Albert

    This made me hungry!!!

    • 2summers

      Mission accomplished!

  2. Thomas Coggin

    Such a wonderful post, Heather. Have been looking forward to it, and need to try out the last three. Also would like to recommend Lucky Bread – it’s in the *Mall* of Africa, but it is truly wonderful.

    • 2summers

      Well, if Thomas Coggin recommends a place in the Mall of Africa then I know it must be damn good.

  3. HungryforCulinaryAdventures!

    Thanks for this. These ‘best of’s are always fraught with challenges. In my humble opinion you missed out on the best shawarma in Joburg – Beit Yosef’s in George Avenue, Sandringham.

    I agree that Schwarma Co is superb; however I found Yalla’s Morningside disappointing

    btw you must ask for umber when at Beit Yosef or Schwarma Co, this is an Israel sauce of Iraqi origin made from mangos (similar to atchar, but not atchar) – superb.

    Another place to try is Liban in Parkhurst – their wraps (aka shawarmas) are delicious

    I look forward to trying the ones I have not yet tried.

    • 2summers

      Thank you so much! Beit Yosef’s sounds like a place I need to try.

      • Ayesha

        I loved King Arabic when they were in Fordsburg and must go try in Roodepoort. Yalla and Syrian Rose both good, but did you try Ammaan, diagonally opposite Syrian Rose? Dunno how I missed this post earlier, must be cos I was not in Jozi …

        • 2summers

          Yes, I love Amman too!

  4. AutumnAshbough

    So hungry now. Am going to bug husband for falafel this weekend. And mention laffa, too. (Usually he does pita bread.)

    • 2summers

      Enjoy! I should actually do a separate post on Joburg’s best falafel. But I think it might include several of the same places.

  5. Melody

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try!

  6. Ocean Bream

    I don’t live in Joburg and will probably never visit, but I avidly read this post! 🙂

    • 2summers

      Haha! I’m flattered 🙂

  7. Catherine

    I love Shawarma Lama and Ba Pita both of which are in Norwood on Grant Ave like Shawarma Co!

    • 2summers

      Oh I haven’t heard of Shawarma Lama! I love Ba Pita too but I realized their shawarma is technically not shawarma – it’s meat cubes. So I didn’t include them here even though I really like the restaurant.

  8. Kate Melville

    There’s also a Yalla! In Fairlands Walk Shopping Center. My hubby and I love their laggard and that garlic spread is fantastic.

    • 2summers

      Yes, we actually tried to go to that one first but it was a public holiday and they closed early that day.

    • Kate Melville

      Ooos, I need to learn to read – LOL. You already mentioned it!

      • 2summers

        Hahaha, it’s okay, there was a lot of detail in this post ????

  9. Kate

    Haha- good grief, the spelling errors in my comments! (SMH) It’s very embarrassing for someone who writes a little and teaches ESL!

    • 2summers

      Hahaha. Don’t feel bad. I’m also terrible with that but luckily I can edit them on my end ????

  10. Jozi.Rediscovered

    Love this; definitely some places to try out! I’ve heard about the obscure Schwarma Bar and I’ve been meaning to go there. But reading the comments it looks like I need to visit Beit Yosef now, too.

    • 2summers

      Yes, Beit Yosef sounds very intriguing. Let me know if you want to meet there!

  11. Stan Garrun

    Hi – amazing! I only know Schwarma Co in Norwood (great!) . Though Schwarma are not necessarily our thing, my sidekick Brenda and I will visit all of these, even just to see these Jo’burg places! Thanks for piquing our interest and for an excellent blog! Stan

  12. Raj

    that’s the best shawarma i mean syrian rose shawarma



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