Sleeping in Jozi: A Night at the Rand Club

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Several weeks ago I blogged about the night Thorsten and I spent at the African Penthouses in downtown Joburg. Very soon afterward we spent a night at the Rand Club, so I decided to make a mini “Sleeping in Jozi” series to showcase some options for staying overnight in downtown Joburg.

I blogged about the Rand Club recently, after I became a member, but I want to write a dedicated post about the hotel rooms because I don’t think a lot of people know the club provides this beautiful accommodation to both members and the general public. As I said in my African Penthouses post, it’s not easy to find nice places to stay in the inner city and the Rand Club is definitely one of them. Staying there is also a unique experience that you really can’t get anywhere else.

Heather in Room 7 at the Rand Club
Me in Room 7 at the Rand Club. This bed was extremely comfortable. (Photo: Thorsten Deckler)

The Rand Club has seven hotel rooms — all recently restored — on the third floor, an area that is normally only available to club members. (That’s another perk of staying over: You get to see the members-only parts of the club.)

Sleeping in Jozi at the Rand Club

One of the benefits of being a Rand Club member is that every year during your birthday month, you get a free overnight stay for two people. (I was a little late, scheduling my July stay in September. But the management let it slide.) Members also receive a 20% discount on the Rand Club hotel rooms.

All the rooms have slightly different configurations and they all have fabulous bathrooms. We stayed in Room 7, which is the biggest suite — it has a bedroom, a sitting room, and an enormous bathroom with a fancy tub and double shower.

Thorsten sleeping in Jozi
Another look at the bedroom. There were a lot of interesting old books in the room — Thorsten started reading a history of Marco Polo.
Rand Club hotel sitting room
The sitting room.
View out the Rand Club hotel window
View of Commissioner Street — the building across the street is the African Penthouse building.
Rand Club hotel bathroom
Rand Club bathroom
The bathroom is so huge that it took me two frames to capture it all.

The Rand Club hotel room rates range from R1250 (about $70) to R1650 (about $90), which is a steal for a high-end hotel room. There is safe parking in the Rand Club parking lot. Also the restaurant is open for breakfast — I highly recommend their omelettes and cappuccinos.

Art in the Rand Club

While I’m at it, I want to mention a couple of other cool things about the Rand Club that I didn’t get around to in my previous post. The club has an incredible collection of art, some of which the club owns and some of which is on loan from FirstRand Group and RMB. The art is all over, in both the public and members-only sections, and it’s really worth looking at.

Art outside Room 7 at the Rand Club
This photograph by Obie Oberholzer, which was outside our hotel room, is on loan from FirstRand.
Art in the Rand Club
I love this piece by Marion Boehm, also from FirstRand.
Art in the Rand Club
I had a hard time capturing these pieces by Raymond Andrews (also loaned from FirstRand) but they’re stunning.
Art in Rand Club hotel room
I spotted this beautiful painting in one of the hotel rooms (not the one we stayed in). It’s by Richard Smith and on permanent loan from RMB.
Attiya looking at art at the Rand Club
The 4th floor of the Rand Club has a collection of artworks on consignment from the Living Artists Emporium. I went up there the other day to check out the art with my friend Attiya, who also has a great Joburg/travel blog called The Scribs and Nibs.
Rand Club dome by David Tlale
The coolest artwork in the Rand Club: an installation in the dome by fashion designer and club member David Tlale, with images and quotes by South Africa’s most prominent struggle heroes. It’s really hard to capture a good photo of it — you need to see it in person.

Brian McKechnie, a long-time club member, architect, and art enthusiast, does periodic art tours in the Rand Club. I haven’t been on one of them yet but I’ve heard they’re fantastic. Keep an eye on the Rand Club Facebook page for future announcements about these tours.

The 21 Bar

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this bar in my previous post. It’s a members-only bar (although I think hotel guests can also use it) on the first floor of the club. It’s called the 21 Bar for two reasons: 1) It opened in 2021; and 2) Twenty-one Rand Club members donated the money to renovate the space. It’s beautiful and best place in the club to have a drink.

Attiya at the 21 Bar
Attiya poses below the 21 Club’s fabulous wallpaper from Ardmore.
Rand Club 21 Bar
Another look a the 21 Bar. It also has an open-air balcony.

That’s all I have to say about the Rand Club for now (it turned out to be more than I planned) but I’m sure there will be more in the future. It’s a fascinating place! Come visit soon.


  1. dizzylexa

    That room is stunning and the bathroom – Wow!. The club does have an amazing collection of art and Brian’s art tour is a must. I love the artwork just around the corner from the Marion Boehm piece, I think it’s called ‘bookends’. I took a rather nice shot of the David Tiale dome only to realise I had accidently switched the date on, on my camera which now is plastered across the photo.

    • 2summers

      I need to find out the next time I see you how you took that shot. I really struggle!

  2. AutumnAshbough

    Love that bathroom. IS there dining at the Rand?

    • 2summers

      Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. Peggy Laws

    Definitely will stay over during Graham’s next birthday month. We missed it this year!

  4. Tenney Mason

    Love this post. Next time I come to Jozi I’ve got to visit the Rand Club.

    • 2summers

      We will book you a room for sure! It’s 15 minutes from Brixton 🙂

  5. Craig Lotter

    That’s an incredibly beautiful space to have experienced!

  6. Nicole Lou

    Hi, so I am in South Africa and I have been reading your blogs. Great stuff by the way. I wanted to find out about visiting the rand club, if there is an entrance fee if you are only there for the day? And can I do a solo tour inside if I do not know any members?

    • 2summers

      Hi Nicole, there is no entrance fee to get into the club’s public spaces. But if you want to tour the members-only spaces then you do need a member to go around with you (unless it’s a special open day, which they have from time to time).


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