A Brixton Mosaic in Rosebank

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This is a quick post advising Joburg art-lovers to go to the Everard Read Gallery in Rosebank to check out the beautiful mosaic in the courtyard. It was made in Brixton.

The Everard Read mosaic
The courtyard mosaic at Everard Read, created by Bronwen Findlay and her team.
The hadeda is, of course, my favorite part.
I love the aloes too.
Bird in mosaic
I also like this bird although I don’t know what species it is.

I’ve always liked visiting Everard Read, which is in the middle of Rosebank’s art district — it’s a lovely gallery and always has great exhibitions. (Check out the fabulous “Bitches Brew” group exhibition that’s up now — it’s on until 6 May.) But I like it even more now that there’s a giant mosaic mural there, made by my neighbor.

The mosaic was designed by artist and Brixtonite Bronwen Findlay and executed by Bronwen and her team: Alex Shabalala, Sindiswa Moyo, Gavaza Mthombeni, Mosa Mosikidi, and Simba Mgeda. I was fortunate to see the mural in progress a couple of times last year when Thorsten and I brought two tour groups to Bronwen’s studio.

Bronwen Findlay outside her studio
Bronwen in her garden with another one of her mosaics, I love how both her dress and the aloes in the garden match the mosaic.
Bronwen and her team — Gavaza (left), Mosa (middle), and Simba (right) — working on the mosaic last winter.
Hadeda in progress
The hadeda in progress.
Bronwen Findlay angels
Bronwen has a few pretty murals up around Brixton too, like this one in the alley behind her house. The alley is between Barnes Road and Putney Street.

Bronwen is a wonderful artist and person and it makes me happy to see this huge work of hers displayed in a prominent Joburg art gallery. I hope it makes you happy, too.

A last look at the mosaic with one of Guy Peirre Du Toit’s iconic rabbit sculptures in front.

Bronwen also makes beautiful paintings and teaches art classes. (Find contact details on her website.) She has an exhibition in Durban, her home town, coming up in June — I’ll add details to this post as soon as I get them.


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