Youth Day Warmup for the Brixton Light Festival

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After last year’s Brixton Light Festival, lots of people read my blog post and were sad they missed the festival and asked how they could be sure not to miss the next one. So consider yourselves warned: The next Brixton Light Festival takes place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. I have every reason to believe it will be even more spectacular than last year’s festival. Mark your calendars and follow @BrixtonLightFestival on Instagram for updates.

Brixton Light Festival sign

Now I want to tell you about last Friday, Youth Day, when members of the Brixton community hosted a market/cycling demonstration/fashion show as a lead-up event for the Brixton Light Festival.

I’ve lived in Brixton for about two years and I’ve come to have high expectations for events like these. But I was still not sufficiently prepared for the electrifying display of creativity, talent, and community spirit I witnessed on Youth Day.

Wandile modeling Frayz clothes
Remember this name: Wandlie Tshabalala. Wandile, who is 17 and won the prize for best model at the Youth Day fashion show, could walk straight off this Brixton runway onto a runway at Paris Fashion Week and SLAY. Wandile is pictured here modeling a design by Frayznix.

I don’t want to muck up this post with too many words. Just look at the pictures and try not to feel too sad if you missed this incredible day — September 2nd is just around the corner.

Brixton’s Youth Day in Photos

There were three main events: a clothing and art market with local vendors, a spinning and stance bike competition hosted by the Sentech Croozers, and a fashion show featuring emerging local designers and models.

Frayznix, the MC of the day.
Frayznix was the MC for the day and his designs were also featured in the fashion show. See more of Frayznix’s fashion work here. Also follow his vintage clothing account.

Samuel Muzumbi, who I have known since my earliest days in Joburg, selling his beautiful leatherwork at the Youth Day market.
Samuel Muzumbi, who I have known since my earliest days in Joburg, selling his beautiful leatherwork at the market. You can find Samuel selling most days outside Xai Xai on 7th Street in Melville.
Some of you might remember the post I wrote last year about the spinning and stance subculture in Joburg. I never get tired of watching these guys.
Spinning in Brixton
This performer’s name is Njubulo.
Spinning competition winner
Fourteen-year-old Junior Gesh won the competition — here he is celebrating his victory.
Thuto, a.k.a. @Ttee.Manhattan (left), won the prize for best dressed judge in the fashion show.

Although all the day’s events were fantastic, the fashion show took things to a stratospheric level of coolness. Guests lined up several rows deep along the runway, which was drawn in chalk on the crumbling Brixton tennis court, and a scrum of amateur photographers (me included) jockeyed for position at the end of the walk. House and kwaito music pumped as the models strutted down the runway, the crowd roaring its approval for every look. I have no idea how much time passed. I was dazzled.

Apologies to the models: I’m not certain of all your names, so with the exception of Wandile I’m leaving them out. Hopefully I’ve got the designers’ names right. And apologies for all the dope outfits that didn’t make it into this post — there were too many.

Design: Frayznix
Design by Frayznix.
Design by Orange Juice
Design by Orange Juice.
Fashion by Black Jesus
Design by Black Jesus.
Designer: Pprriim
Knit couture by Pprriim.
Designer: Pprriim
More from Pprriim.
Design: Black Jesus
Design by Black Jesus.
Design: Timothy Ateliers
Design by Timothy Ateliers.
Guy in polka dot design by Rootsman International
Design by Rootsman International.
Wandile wearing Gavaza
Then Wandile brought the house down in this gown by Gavaza.
Wandile wearing Gavaza
Wandile at the Youth Day Fashion Show, a warmup to the Brixton Light Festival

Congratulations to Pprriim and Gavaza, who shared the prize for best designer, and all the other winners and participants. I can’t wait for September 2nd.

Happy model

Thanks to Tamzyn, Fassie, Cammy, Lucy, Percy, all the other incredible people at Shade, and everyone else who made Brixton’s Youth Day amazing.


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