A Belated Kensington Jacaranda Walk Post

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Johannesburg, Tours | 12 comments

I’m suffering from a creative block this week and couldn’t think of anything to blog about. Then I remembered I have a set of pictures and sketches from my jacaranda walk in Kensington, which I hosted with Johannesburg in Your Pocket a few weeks ago. I never got around to writing about that walk due to the Rugby World Cup madness that happened on the same day, so I’m doing it now.

Heather with jacarandas in Kensington
Photo shot from the overlook in front of the Fishbird Villa in Kensington on the day of our walk. Endless thanks to Grey Loerie for this jacaranda t-shirt that has become my favorite article of clothing. (Photo: Thorsten Deckler)

Joburg’s 2023 jacaranda season already feels like a distant memory, and the world is a giant dumpster fire. So let’s hearken back to another time, just under a month ago, as the Springboks balanced on the cusp of victory…before the heat wave hit and the last few stubborn lavender blossoms fell to the ground and got washed away by a crazy hail storm.

Johannesburg In Your Pocket already published a wonderful and very comprehensive story about the walk and all the places we stopped along the way. Please read that post for a full account of the day; I’m just posting images and captions.

Kensington jacaranda views
Jacaranda views in Kensington.
Thorsten jacaranda sketch
I say this all the time, but this time it’s seriously true: Thorsten’s sketches from the walk are much better than my photos. See more of his work at @theThinking_Hand.
Thorsten jacaranda sketch
Thorsten jacaranda walk
The tiny person on the left is me.
Jacaranda walkers
Our hardy group of walkers. We walked about five kilometers, mostly uphill.
Walkers walking uphill
One of the steepest hills of the walk.
Joburg skyline view
We climbed to the Scottish Horse Memorial at the top of Caledonia Hill, which has great views of the Joburg city skyline and the suburb’s thousands of jacaranda trees. The clouds and lightning were dramatic but it never actually rained.
Scottish Horse memorial Kensington
The Scottish Horse Memorial. Thorsten is on the left, sketching.
Thorsten jacaranda sketch
What he sketched.
View from Fish Bird Villa
View from the Fishbird Villa, where our walk ended.
Sketch from Fishbird Villa
Sketch from Fishbird.
The Fishbird Villa boasts one of the prettiest jacaranda trees in Joburg.
Heather in jacaranda shirt
One more photo of me and my shirt.

Okay, I have no more 2023 jacaranda imagery to share so that’s really it until 2024. (Sob.) Next week I’ll move on — I promise.

Last one.


  1. Paul Zille

    Nice. Next time you have writer’s block contact me for a Cradle Human Origins Tour. That’ll give you lots to write about. Let’s do that in the New Year!

    • 2summers

      Thanks Paul. Yes, for sure!

  2. Justin Chamblee

    It looks amazing! Love the Artwork! 🙂

  3. AutumnAshbough

    I never get tired of seeing the purple blossoms. Ours were unimpressive last spring because of the unseasonably cool weather.

    • 2summers

      It’s a sight that never gets old.

  4. Lani

    Love all the purple and seeing Thorton’s sketches in color!

    • 2summers

      I know, the color sketches are extra special 🙂

  5. Ms. Nancy Anne McDaniel

    Beautiful. Uplifting. Happy. That’s enough. After all, it IS Thanksgiving weekend in the USA,. Thank you Heather for the joy,

    • 2summers

      You’re very welcome!

  6. dizzylexa

    I love Thorsten’s sketches and your photos are great. Glad you got to do this in my hood the only thing missing is me. (Yay! I got to post this)

    • 2summers

      Haha yes, the problem mysteriously righted itself 🙂


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