Street Art Sightings in Quirky Munich

by | May 15, 2024 | Arts and Culture, Europe | 12 comments

Thorsten and I recently spent three days in Munich, Germany, at the beginning of our whirlwind European trip. We went to Munich because it was a logical place to meet up with Thorsten’s kids, who live across the border in Austria, and because we wanted to visit Thorsten’s friend Susi, who was his schoolmate many years ago at the German School in Joburg. Susi lives with her family just outside Munich, in the quaint town of Pullach.

Catholic church in Pullach
This quirky church was my favorite thing in Pullach.
Thorsten's sketch of the church in Pullach
Thorsten’s sketch of the church.
Thorsten's sketch of the Isar River in Munich
Thorsten’s quirky sketch of Munich’s Isar River, which I like better than any of my photos. FYI, Thorsten wrote his own architecture-inspired blog post about Munich.

We saw a lot of beautiful, interesting sights during our romp around Munich, but the graffiti and street art really stood out to me. Berlin, the only other German city I’d visited before this, is Germany’s graffiti capital, and Munich is considered to be a lot more conservative and less gritty in comparison. But thanks to Susi, our rock-star local guide, we discovered our share of grittiness (and quirkiness) in Munich. And there was fantastic graffiti and street art everywhere I looked.

Street art mural at the Schwere Reiter Theater in Munich
One of my favorite murals, spotted outside Munich’s Schwere Reiter Theater.

Here are a few more of my favorite Munich graffiti and street art shots.

Thorsten peeling stickers from a building near the Isar River
Thorsten peeling stickers from a graffiti’d building near the Isar River. Collecting graffiti stickers has become Thorsten’s favorite travel hobby after sketching.
Thorsten's graffiti sticker collage
He puts the stickers into his sketchbook and makes cool collages like this.
Graffiti wall
I like how the graffiti pieces are stacked on top of one another.
Graffiti'd outbuilding in Pullach
A lonely building in Pullach, spotted during a cold, rainy walk near the river.
Mural under a highway overpass
Under the bridge.
Can you spot the small, bretzel-shaped Space Invader hiding in this picture? And how cool is that quirky passenger-ship-turned-bar perched on a decommissioned railway bridge? It’s called Alte Utting and Susi took us there for a beer.
Susi behind Alte Utting
Susi above the beer garden behind Alte Utting.
Bahnwärter Thiel
Another retired transport vehicle at the fantastic Bahnwärter Thiel complex, which I mentioned briefly in my previous Europe post.
Bar at Bahnwärter Thiel
A cool bar at Bahnwärter Thiel.

Thanks again to Susi and her husband Beni for hosting us in Munich. Expect more European snippets in the coming weeks.


  1. Peter

    wow – thats like afrika burn in Munich – very cool

    • 2summers

      Afrikaburn, only colder! Haha.

  2. dizzylexa

    Love the sticker collecting and collage, great travel idea.

    • 2summers

      Me too! I wish I’d thought of it.

  3. Justin

    Munich is such a beautiful place. Bavaria is so much like Switzerland. Often visit there.

    • 2summers

      It was so beautiful – especially on the day when we had nice weather!

  4. AutumnAshbough

    The boat on the bridge is an awesome juxtaposition. Sadly, the graffiti in LA is just not as cool.

    • 2summers

      That’s interesting…I wonder why? You’d think it would be a hotbed.

  5. Kathy McCullough

    Wow, I love the street art! I’ve not been to Germany yet.
    Sounds like you’re doing well.
    Sorry to have been gone for so long. Sara and I recently moved back to the US from Ecuador.
    Hugs from Kentucky,

  6. Kathy McCullough

    I love the street art!
    But apparently I’ve been away from the blogosphere for too long. I don’t know how to sign in and make my comment visible. Let’s see if this works.
    Hugs from Kentucky,

    • 2summers

      Hi Kathy, great to hear from you! Both your comments made it through – I just had to approve them. I hope your re-adjustment to America is going well 😍


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