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In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of 2Summers, I’m embarking on a journey to visit 10 small towns all over South Africa in 2020. I’ll blog about my experiences in these towns throughout the year, and publish a book about the experience in 2021.

Traveling is expensive (as is maintaining a blog) and I can’t complete this project without your support! Please become a 2Summers patron and support me on my journey in 2020 and beyond.

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For the past decade I have supported myself as a blogger through freelance writing and photography jobs, occasional sponsored posts/social media campaigns, and frequent dips into my savings account. My success has always been dependent on the support of my readers, who subscribe to my blog and social media accounts, share my posts, and encourage others to read and follow 2Summers. I truly appreciate every one of you who does this. But now I need to ask for a bit more.

Heather in Joburg
This is me, asking for a bit more. (Photo: Julia Giddy)

In order to complete the ambitious travel project I plan to do in 2020 — and to plan even bigger and better projects in the future — I need support in the form of cold, hard cash. The monthly donations I’m asking for are small — as little as $3 (R44) per month — but if a substantial percentage of you donate it will make a tremendous difference.

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