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Jozi Round-up

When I first moved to Joburg I blogged about everything I did. Going for a walk, shopping for groceries, sitting in the yard watching birds…No activity was too trivial. Everything was bloggable. Nearly three years later, my blogging habits have changed. I do a lot more exciting things than I used to and I don’t have the time to blog about them all. I also don’t bring my big camera with me everywhere I go anymore, which means I’m at the mercy of my iPhone camera. Sometimes I get good pictures and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t get enough good pictures, I don’t blog. Hence, I pick and choose my bloggable experiences.

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Help Us Rebuild the Hillbrow Boxing Club

On Tuesday evening I received this text message from George Khosi, coach of the Hillbrow Boxing Club: there is an accident at the gym the ring is damaged by a tax coach It took me a while to figure out that “tax” meant “taxi”. When I arrived at the gym the next day, it all became clear. George and his ring. I nearly cried when I saw this.

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Pink Pride

Johannesburg’s annual gay pride parade, Joburg Pride, happened today. I wrote a long post about Joburg Pride last year, so I won’t torture you with another one. I marched more as a participant than a blogger this year, and besides, it was just too damn hot to take lots of photos. Dressed and ready for Joburg Pride. Although it’s not visible in the photo, I wore my mini-kilt. Unfortunately my kilt is not pink, but otherwise it was the perfect attire for a hot day of gay pride marching.

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