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A Pedicure and More at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

I was recently invited to have a pedicure at Tenfold, a new nail salon at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Maboneng. I am not a beauty blogger and writing about mani-pedis isn’t my normal thing, but I liked the idea of getting my nails done in a super-old historic building in the middle of downtown Joburg. (Also it was my birthday weekend and this seemed like a nice present for myself.) So I went, and wound up staying at the Cosmopolitan for the entire afternoon. The garden at the Cosmopolitan, which looks spectacular at the moment — amazing considering it’s winter in South Africa. Tenfold, owned by a lovely woman named Georgia Shekeshe, occupies a pretty corner spot in the Cosmopolitan garden. It was a great place to relax with a cup of tea and a foot massage on a cold winter day. It will be even nicer in summer when the doors are open. Tenfold’s green exterior. The salon’s zen interior. I can’t believe I photographed my own feet in such a vulnerable state. Tumi did a great job and the warm towels were welcome on a cold day. Group portrait at Tenfold. Georgia is in the middle with the […]

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Melville’s New Anti-Salon

I recently got my hair cut at Freedom Hair, one of the newest quirky spots on 7th Street in Melville. My review appeared this week on JHBLive. For those of you who aren’t following JHBLive yet (if you live in Joburg you should be), I’ve reposted my review below. Enjoy. I’ve always had really long hair. I find long hair easier to deal with than short hair. Plus long hair suits me. But there is another reason why my hair is so long: I hate going to hair salons. I have no idea why but I put off getting my hair cut for months on end, in the same way that I put off going to the dentist. I just don’t like that hair salon vibe. By the time I pluck up the courage to step into a salon, my split ends are an inch long and my mane is tangled enough to be mistaken for dreads. A few weeks ago while wandering down 7th Street in Melville, I poked my head into Freedom Hair, at the back of a small courtyard beside the new Hell’s Kitchen whiskey bar. I was confused by what I saw. To the right was a […]

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