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A Cheap, Easy Way to Have Fun in Joburg

This past Saturday, I was invited along with a few other bloggers and Instagrammers to spend the day having fun around Joburg. The day was sponsored by the Entertainer, and the idea was that we would go around town taking advantage of various special offers through the Entertainer app. We participated in three different activities, none of which I had done before, and ate at two restaurants. It was one of the funnest days I have ever spent in Joburg. (This is saying something because I have spent many, many fun days in this city.) I can’t recommend the Entertainer app highly enough, but I’ll get to that at the end of the post. First, here’s a quick recap of what we did. 9:00 am: Bounce Inc. Bounce Inc. is a giant building in Midrand, filled with trampolines and various squishy, bouncy things that people can jump on. You pay by the hour and jump. And jump and jump. I don’t think I need to explain why this is fun. I could have jumped for hours. (Photo: Deborah Rosbergen) I shot this photo of Deborah, who works for the Entertainer, while we were both jumping. I jumped and laughed so hard at […]

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A Little Piece of Fake Tuscany in Fourways

Last weekend I went to Montecasino. I went there to see a play: Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which I enjoyed. I also went because I wanted to experience Montecasino, described on its website as follows: “Known for being Gauteng’s number one entertainment destination, having being (sic) voted Best Casino, Best Entertainment Complex, Best Cinema Complex and Best place to take out-of-towners.” (Note to the Montecasino marketing team: You should work on your website. It sucks.) Having lived in Joburg for a year and a half, I feel remiss in not visiting or writing about Montecasino until now. For better or worse, it’s a part of the city’s culture. But I must say, I’m at a loss for words to describe the place.

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Last weekend I was invited to attend a show called ‘Umoja: The Spirit of Togetherness‘ at Joburg’s Victory Theatre in Houghton Estate. I’d heard it was a great show and had been invited more than once before, but somehow always found an excuse to miss it. I’ve now gone to the show on two consecutive Saturday nights. I can’t believe it took me so long. It’s one of this city’s best-kept secrets. The concept of Umoja (which means ‘Unity’ in Swahili) is simple — a celebration of black South African music and dance over course of the country’s history. The show’s founders, veteran performers Thembi Nyandeni and Todd Twala, created Umoja as a way of empowering underprivileged kids to follow their dreams. The cast members are recruited from all over South Africa; many come from rural areas and have little or no formal training. They are gifted singers, dancers, and musicians for whom music and dance are a natural part of life.

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