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Pink Pride

Johannesburg’s annual gay pride parade, Joburg Pride, happened today. I wrote a long post about Joburg Pride last year, so I won’t torture you with another one. I marched more as a participant than a blogger this year, and besides, it was just too damn hot to take lots of photos. Dressed and ready for Joburg Pride. Although it’s not visible in the photo, I wore my mini-kilt. Unfortunately my kilt is not pink, but otherwise it was the perfect attire for a hot day of gay pride marching.

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Gay and Proud in Jozi

Africa is not an easy place to be gay. Homosexuality is illegal in more than half of African countries. South Africa is the most progressive African country when it comes to gay rights, and yet ‘corrective rape’ — lesbians being brutally raped and sometimes killed by men who seek to ‘cure’ them — is a frequent occurrence here. Here’s one of many recent articles I found about corrective rape. There are just as many gay people in Africa as there are anywhere else in the world. But gays tend to be quieter here, for obvious reasons. A gay friend of mine once visited Nairobi, the largest city in East Africa, and wanted to go to a gay bar. His friend took him to a bar and pointed to a corner. ‘Wait there,’ the friend said. ‘Some gay people will be there later.’ The only gay bar in Nairobi is actually a gay corner. The Joburg Pride parade, which takes place every year on the first Saturday in October, is a big deal. Joburg and Cape Town are the only cities in Africa that have gay pride parades, and Jozi’s is the oldest and biggest. This was Jozi Pride’s 22nd year and it reportedly […]

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