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I’d Rather Be in Mauritius. (Duh.)

I’ve been invited to participate in a blogger campaign called #RatherBeInMauritius. The point of the campaign is to write about how much I’d currently rather be in Mauritius, where it’s warm and everything is beautiful, instead of in Joburg, where it’s cold and not everything is beautiful. Mauritius, where I’d rather be. (For the record, I did ask the people sponsoring this campaign if they couldn’t just send me to Mauritius for a few days and let me report back on why I think everyone would rather be there. My request was politely ignored. At least I tried.) Those of you who aren’t from around here might be wondering why I complain about winter in Joburg. She’s in AFRICA, you might be thinking — how bad can it be? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s true that a high temperature of 60° fahrenheit (15° celsius) and a low of 35° fahrenheit (2° celsius) sounds like a walk in the park compared to a typical winter day in, say, Washington D.C. But try doing a few straight days and nights of 35° fahrenheit without your heat on and all your windows open a crack. Then you’ll know what it’s like to survive winter […]

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Four Days, Four Massages: The Perfect Holiday in Mauritius

As previously mentioned, I recently visited Mauritius courtesy of Constance Hotels. This was one of those trips in which I spend the whole time ogling everything around me and marvelling at the blogging miracles that have led me to get invited to things like this. Anyway, it happened. It was every bit as wonderful as you would imagine. Sunrise at Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius. Mauritius is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) off the southeast coast of Africa (east of Madagascar). Mauritius was uninhabited until the Dutch established a colony there in 1638, and now has a population of about about 1.3 million. French is the main language in Mauritius and most of the residents there are of South- and East-Asian descent. And as I told you before, everything in Mauritius is beautiful. Candid shot in the Centre de Flacq market. I spent almost my whole stay at two hotel/resorts and didn’t have the chance to really explore the culture in Mauritius. But what I did see made me want to go back and learn more. Mauritius felt nothing like any other country I’ve visited; it’s Africa, India, and the Caribbean rolled into one. I stayed for three days at […]

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Everything in Mauritius is Beautiful.

I went to Mauritius for five days. I’ve concluded that everything there is beautiful. I have lots to say about the trip and dozens of photos to post. But here’s a 10-photo teaser to prove my above statement. 1) The beaches in Mauritius are beautiful. The beach at Le Prince Maurice, part of Constance Hotels and Resorts, where I stayed in Mauritius. This beach is particularly lovely because it’s on a lagoon, where the water is completely calm. 2) The hotels in Mauritius are beautiful. The lobby at Le Prince Maurice. 3) The sunrises in Mauritius are beautiful. Sunrise from Belle Mare Plage, the other Constance property where I stayed. The sunrise was like this every morning. 4) The sunsets in Mauritius are beautiful. Pretty stunning. Although from where I was on the east side of the island, the sunrises definitely surpassed the sunsets. 5) The flowers in Mauritius are beautiful. Hibiscus blossoms floating in a fountain at Le Prince Maurice. Hibiscus are everywhere in Mauritius, along with frangipani. PS: Because of all the flowers, everything in Mauritius smells beautiful. 6) The birds in Mauritius are beautiful. I lured this bird to my Prince Maurice balcony with room service. It’s called a red fody. 7) The food in Mauritius is beautiful. It […]

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