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Cubata Portuguese Grill: It’s Okay to Stuff Your Face Here

I’ve fallen behind on my Port Elizabeth posts — I have too much to blog about and not enough time. But this post can’t wait any longer. The southern part of Joburg is the one area of town that I have yet to properly explore. I’ve been hearing about the amazing Portuguese restaurants down there for years and I need to go check them out. In the meantime though, let me tell you about Cubata, the Portuguese restaurant I went to in Port Elizabeth. I’ll reserve judgement on the Joburg Portuguese joints, but I’m not sure any other Portuguese restaurant in South Africa will be able to top Cubata in my esteem. Cubata is in a gritty PE neighborhood called Sydenham, next to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. The place doesn’t make much of an impression from the outside.

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I Jumped Into a Mountain of Wool

I did a lot of really fun things on my whirlwind tour of the Port Elizabeth area last weekend: game drives, horseback riding, amazing meals, etc. I loved all of it, but there is no question what the highlight was. Fellow blogger Rachel in a mountain of wool. Have you ever jumped into a mountain of wool? I thought not.

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Five Bloggers Rock Port Elizabeth

I just spent four days in Port Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela Bay, with four other bloggers. It rocked. The first photo I shot in Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning. Left to right: Rachel of Bush-bound Girl, Meruschka of Mzansi Girl, Heather of 2Summers, and Dianne of Afribird. Theresa of Fine Places is missing from the photo — she arrived a few minutes later.

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