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Hannelie's piece inside the Rissik Street Post Office, 2013.

Rainy Art Walkabout with Hannelie Coetzee

This post was originally published in February 2013, but half the post was deleted in 2014 during a website migration error. The post you see here is a reconstructed version of the original post. I didn’t pay much attention to public art when I lived in America. I didn’t pay much attention to art in general, actually. I enjoyed the occasional museum visit but that was about it. Things changed when I moved to Joburg. Art is everywhere here and I suddenly found it impossible to ignore. The closer I looked, the more I began to see and appreciate art in unlikely places. Art beneath my feet on Commissioner St. in the Jozi CBD.  A few weeks ago I went on a “public art walkabout” with Joburg artist Hannelie Coetzee. I’m grateful to my new email/Instagram pal Martha Cooper for letting me know about this tour, as I wouldn’t have found out about it otherwise. (Thanks, Martha.) And even though it meant venturing out into the city on a cold, rainy Sunday morning, I’m also grateful to have gone on this tour. Hannelie’s art is a perfect illustration of Joburg’s awesomeness. Hannelie shows us “Hawk Here”, a commissioned mosaic she created at the corner […]

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