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Jozi skyline at sunset

That Jozi Skyline

I have a friend who owns a flat in Hallmark House, a recently renovated building in the center of downtown Joburg. Hallmark House is one of the best places in the city, if not the best place, to view the Jozi skyline. The view from my friend’s balcony. This friend wishes to remain anonymous, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Otherwise she’d have every photographer in the city trying to bang her door down. A couple of nights ago, the anonymous friend invited me and a few other friends to photograph the sunset from her 12th-floor balcony. I’ve taken lots of photos of the Jozi skyline before, from lots of different buildings. In fact I’ve been to Hallmark House multiple times and to this very balcony more than once. But there was something special about this particular night. I’ve certainly see more dramatic sunsets than this, with crazier clouds and more dramatic colors. But the light on this evening was perfect and so was the city. View of the city around 5:30 p.m., before the real show started. It had been cloudy all day with on-and-off thunderstorms — weather conditions that bode well for sunset. As the sun went down behind […]

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My 10 Favorite Shots of the Joburg Skyline

This morning, I woke up thinking about the Joburg skyline. Johannesburg has one of the most beautiful city skylines in the world, and I’ve photographed it dozens of times from many different angles. But as far as I can remember, I’ve never written a post specifically about the skyline. So this morning I went straight to my computer, browsed through the archives and picked out 10 of my favorite Joburg skyline shots. Here they are. 1) Downtown Johannesburg at sunrise, viewed from the roof of the Carlton Centre, the tallest building on Africa. (2015) 2) Just after sunset from the top of Situation East, a building on Fox Street in Maboneng. (2014) 3) Nightfall from the 51st floor of Ponte City. (2016) 4) Another shot from Maboneng, just above the Living Room at what is now an amazing AirBnB. (2012)   5) This is kind of an unconventional skyline shot but I felt compelled to include it nonetheless. It was shot from Hallmark House, just off Joe Slovo Drive. The Nelson Mandela mural was painted by Freddie Sam. (2015) 6) Another shot from Hallmark House, looking west instead of east. (2015) 7) Joburg’s night sky shot from the top of the Orion Building in Braamfontein. (2011) 8) Another shot […]

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