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I Think I’m South African Now

Note #1: The title of this post is metaphorical. Native South Africans: Please don’t take offense. Note #2: If you are afraid of spiders, I recommend that you do not read on. Images may be disturbing. I wrote a couple of posts about rain spiders during my first year of blogging. The first post, Meet Millie, was written a week before I moved to Joburg, when Jon sent me blurry cell phone pics of a huge rain spider that had taken up residence in our house. Those pictures nearly swayed my decision to get on the plane to South Africa. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But you get the point.) A few months later, another rain spider appeared in the house and I wrote another post, called Rrabobi!. I can still remember the terror I felt, cowering on the other side of the room, when Jon moved within close range of the spider to photograph it. I thought he was completely insane and could not understand the affection he had for these massive arachnids.

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Some of you may remember Millie, a large rain spider that Joe discovered in our house when he first moved in (a couple of weeks before I came to South Africa). If not, you can read a short post about her here. I’ve got nothing against spiders, but I’d rather not run into a salad-plate-sized arachnid on my way to the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. (That prospect actually terrifies me so much that I sometimes lie in bed and hold it until morning.) So I was glad when Millie vanished before my arrival and never showed up inside again. I did spot her outside on the drainpipe once — scroll to the bottom of this post for a pic.

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