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2Summers Extreme Makeover

I’ve had a weird couple of months. After epic trips around South Africa, Reunion Island, and the United States, I returned to Joburg via Istanbul with a case of raging jet lag. My cat ran away. Then he came back. And there’s been plenty more that I haven’t written about on my blog. Amidst all of this, or perhaps because of it, I underwent an extreme makeover. Extreme Makeover, Part 1: Screech of the Hadeda The story started last Tuesday morning at 1933 Classic Tattoos in Braamfontein. Come to think of it, the story started several months earlier, when I Googled “hadeda pictures” and found this drawing by South African artist Dick Latimer. The most beautiful hadeda I’ve ever come across. Courtesy of Dick Latimer. I’d been thinking for a while about Joburg-themed tattoos. The Joburg skyline? I love it but too many people already have that tattoo. A Joburg sunset? Too cliché. Nelson Mandela Bridge? Eh…I’m not sure why, but no. A Parktown Prawn? No effing way. Then it hit me: the hadeda. If you’re not South African, you probably have no idea what a hadeda (pronounced HA-dee-dah) is. If you are South African, you know the hadeda is the most iconic of […]

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A Hardcore Tattoo

Ruth asked me to provide moral support while she got a tattoo to celebrate her birthday. Even better, she invited me to bring my camera. Instagram of SA Hardcore Tattoos, one of the most well-known tattoo parlors in Joburg. The owner is Orthodox Christian, hence all the crucifixes and Blessed Virgins. I dig the juxtaposition of religious symbolism and tattoo ink. I love tattoo photography. I discovered this last year, when my best friend Claire and I got inked together back home in the States. I enjoyed documenting the experience almost as much as I enjoyed getting the tattoo. In fact, my D.C. tattoo post is one of my favorite 2Summers posts of all time. So I was excited to do it again, this time as a spectator rather than a nervous participant.

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Tattooed in My Nation’s Capital

Dear Mom: This post is going to freak you out. Please read at your discretion. And please don’t write me out of your will. Love, Heather ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦ I’m in a taxi with my dear friends Claire and Michelle, riding toward a bohemian neighborhood in northwest D.C. called Adams Morgan. We’re meeting friends for drinks at a legendary blues bar called Madam’s Organ. Madam’s Organ, in Adams Morgan.

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