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Instax Fun in Jozi

I got a FujiFilm Instax Wide camera recently, as part of a campaign I’m doing with Venus Snap. Using technology made famous by Polaroid way back in the 20th century, Instax cameras shoot pictures that pop right out of the camera and emerge from the photo paper in 90 seconds. The Instax wide camera is particularly cool because it prints pictures twice as wide as the original Instax. The Instax Wide also offers a little more control over its exposure settings. When I ordered the Instax Wide, I had visions of traipsing around town taking fantastic instant photos and portraits of people. Those visions were a bit optimistic, as it turns out; the Instax Wide is finicky and I find it difficult to capture sharp, well framed shots. And at R18 (more than $1) per print, my failed attempts are pricey. Nonetheless, I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with the Instax Wide. I especially enjoy taking Instax pictures of my friends, giving them the pictures, and then taking a picture of them holding their picture, in various configurations. Here are some examples. This is Fiver, holding her Instax portrait along with her newly published book, Looking for Africa. We had so much fun setting […]

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Nine Random Fun Things in Joburg (Featuring Venus)

November is the best month of the year in Joburg. It’s summer and it’s right before Christmas, so the city is buzzing and tons of cool things are happening before everyone clears out in December. After weeks of exhausting travel, I’m back just in time. As I wrote in a previous post, I’m participating in a campaign with Venus that involves shopping and leg-shaving and doing fun things around the city. I’m always up for fun in Joburg, but this assignment is a great motivation for me to recover from my jet-lag and really get out there. Over the last ten days I’ve been all over town, going to fun events and exploring new (and old) places. No, I did not shave my legs in the Oriental Plaza. But the Venus Snap looks nice there. (Photo: Fiver Löcker) Here is my second Venus campaign installment: Nine random fun things I’ve done in Joburg over the last two weeks. I included several Fuji Instax Wide instant photos in my narration — an Instax Wide camera was one of the things I bought on my Venus shopping spree. 1) Night of 1000 Drawings I attended the Night of 1000 Drawings, a charity event in which hundreds of people gather and buy drawings scribbled on small pieces […]

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A Post About Traveling, Shopping, and Leg-Shaving

I travel a lot. I also shave my legs. (Don’t hate, feminists.) When it comes time to pack for a trip, I toss my razor into my well-worn cosmetic bag along with my toothbrush, tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, dental floss, etc. I hate packing that razor though. I have an irrational fear that, after a particularly long and exhausting journey, I will carelessly thrust my hand into my cosmetic bag and cut myself on the razor. Also, women’s razors take up a lot of space. But the razor always gets packed. And that razor is always a Venus. I’m currently visiting my mother in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in the United States. I brought my Venus along as usual, but I accidentally left it in the cosmetic bag and forgot bring it into the shower with me. It didn’t matter though, because my mom has her own Venus in the shower. (I know it’s probably bad form to use someone else’s razor. But she’s my mother.) Anyway, the story proves that Venus razors are the best and every leg-shaving woman in the world knows this. When I was invited to participate in a blogger campaign promoting the new Gillette Venus Snap razor — a campaign that […]

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